Track Your Sleep with a New Pokémon Sleep app

Track Your Sleep with a New Pokémon app 'Pokémon Sleep'

The Pokémon Company working on a new game app named Pokémon Sleep after the successful mobile hit of Pokémon Go. The details of the new smartphone based app from the Pokémon franchise are little, whereas one thing is clear about the app is that it will track your sleep.

The company says that the goal is to turn sleep into an entertainment form. It will gather information on how long a player sleeps and when they wake up to impose the gameplay. The CEO of Pokémon’s Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara expressed during a press conference that after walking, they planned to emphasize on the sleeping act.

He added, everybody spends a big part of his life in sleeping, and they decided it to turn it into entertainment in their next challenge at Pokémon. The officials said that the game would release later in 2020.

Furthermore, they announced that a Nintendo’s sleep-tracking gadget named as the Pokémon Go Plus + that equipped along with an accelerometer to track the sleeping time and send the statistics to the phone of a user through a Bluetooth device.

The Pokémon representatives said that the gadget which is similar to a Pokémon has the same functions as its precursor. The real Pokémon Go Plus permits the user to catch creatures from the franchise deprived of taking out their phone from their pocket.

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The taken step could understood as a mish-mash of gaming with wellness and health. People remembered Pokémon Go for encouraging the players to step outside of their residences and walk about, rather than the sitting approach seen in several games consoles.

The Pokémon Company founded in 1998 in Tokyo with the joint investment from Creatures, Nintendo and Game Freak that all have the copyright to the franchise. Newzoo, the industry research group stated that mobile gaming developed rapidly and takes nearly half of all the worldwide games revenues that is equal to $63.2 billion.


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