Biden Allegedly Helping Israel To Dislocate Palestinians

A rights group in US raised the alarm about the request to Congress for $14bn Israeli funds and that the Biden Govt. aims to displace the Palestinians from Gaza.

Biden Allegedly Helping Israel To Dislocate Palestinians

A rights group in the United States raised the alarm about the request to Congress for $14bn Israeli funds and that the Biden Administration aims to displace the Palestinians from Gaza. A news agency claimed on Monday that the request made by the White House to pass the funds can have a plan to clean all the Palestinians from their lands and move them to another place. According to the letter by the US government for the funds, the money will support the conflict-affected civilians and relocate them, including Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the West Bank. It added the support of the Gaza civilians leaving the area and moving to other neighboring countries.

The letter sent to Congress explains that the aid would involve food and non-food items, emergency shelter, water and sanitation assistance, healthcare, and emergency protection. The funds will also have a part to help in building the humanitarian infrastructure needed for the refugee population and to make good life-sustaining support. Overall, these funds are requested to address a big issue of the time and to lift the Palestinians from the humanitarian crisis. The letter by the US government to Congress was sent on 20 October.

The proposal to Congress further says the issued funds will be utilized to address the challenges triggered by the Israel-Hamas conflict. The war can result in the displacement of people across the border, which would cause severe humanitarian needs, and the funds passed by the US Congress will be spent on Programming requirements outside Gaza. The concerns about the displacement of Palestinians were magnified after a Magzine reported that it had an Israeli government’s leaked document. The document includes the plan to transfer the entire population out of Gaza.

Israel Has An Old Plan To Free Gaza

The leaked document reveals the plans of Israel regarding Palestinians. There has been no denial of the document till now, and the Magazine claims that a person inside the Israeli Intelligence Ministry assured the authenticity of leaked papers. The DAWN’s executive director stated the White House was not only allowing the cleaning to civilians but also favoring and paying for that mission. He added that Israel had a long-held plan to free Gaza from its civilians, and America has been supporting to fulfill its ambitions under the name of humanitarian aid, which he said was cruelty.

Gaza is home to almost 2.3 million people. Most of the population consists of refugees or descendants of people who were displaced from historic Palestine. That huge displacement occurred when the Israeli state was made in 1948. The White House was requested to make comments on the claims of dislocation of people in Gaza, but there was no response. However, the Biden Administration indicated this week that they were not in favor of removing Palestinians from their homes. President Biden talked to Egyptian President el-Sisi and talked on the Gaza matter.

Biden Allegedly Helping Israel To Dislocate Palestinians
Biden Allegedly Helping Israel To Dislocate Palestinians
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White House Funds’ Request Facing Challenges

According to the White House, during his talks with el-Sisi, Biden emphasized the importance of protecting civilians and ensuring that Palestinians in Gaza were not removed from their land and not dislocated to any other state. Just before Biden’s call to el-Sisi, White National Security Spokesperson John Kirby stated that they were working for a safe passage for Gaza residents who wanted to leave the area under bombardment and escape the conflict. But he added that there were not many people willing to leave the area forever and to go to any other country in the world. Kirby said after that situation, they did not have solid answers. Egypt has also refused to move people to its territory.

Biden’s request for the funds for Israel has faced an obstacle after the claims by the leaked documents. The bill is to be passed by the House of Representatives, Where Republicans got the majority and recently elected a new Speaker. Despite the massive support for Israel among Republicans, there are challenges ahead. Recently, Republican lawmakers passed a new bill under the new Speaker separating Israel’s assistance from the Ukrainian funds by America. Biden administration’s funds proposal combined all the funds in the total request of $105 billion.


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