Trump may Left the Table, as he did with North Korea – China

Trump may Left the Talk Table, as he did with North Korea – China

Beijing is worried after the nuclear summit in the previous week at Vietnam that American President Trump might leave the negotiating table. Talks on nuclear among Trump and Kim Jong-un ended with no results with no agreement. It becomes a surprise for the failure of the Hanoi summit as many analysts expected that two leaders would make their efforts to do a deal on smaller items.

A senior administration official expressed that the diplomatic snafu worried that Trump could do the same in the talks on trade as he did with North Korea. The officials also said that the Chinese representatives saw Trump walk away from North Korea and they have a fear that Trump will even walk away from the deal with China. It would be an ambassadorial disaster if the US doesn’t want to send Xi to Mar-a-Lago and US President walk away.

Statement from officials also expressed that one to one meeting between United States President Donald Trump and China’s Xi Jinping is still a ways off stated that the about two or three weeks of preparation work of summit has not even started. Officials said that to certify such a summit would not follow the similar results as the talks on the nuclear program in Hanoi. Besides, Washington is going over negotiations of line by line. Officials expressed that the one who does not want to send their representative and POTUS says I’m not out of here, meet you at the ninth hole.

Later, it was a piece of news that the meeting between both leaders at Mar a Lago canceled. But White House negated the report by saying that officially nothing has revoked or scheduled.


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