Cambodia’s Under-construction Seven-story Building Collapsed

Under-construction Seven-story Building Collapsed in Cambodia

A Chinese owned under-construction seven-story building collapsed in the coastal city of Sihanoukville. Yun Min, the provincial governor, told the news agencies that they pulled out three dead bodies from the debris of the collapsed building.

The reports reflect that three dead Cambodians confirmed by the authorities, including two workers and a translator. In recent few years, Sihanoukville renovated with the construction of Chinese casinos and hotels.

Some people are still missing in the disaster, but the reports are showing the variation in the number of missing persons as the rescue operation is on its peak.

Khieu Kanharith, the Information Minister, stated that over thirty people unaccounted for, whereas the Ministry of Labor said that the number would lesser than ten.

On the other side, the provincial governor shared the rescued figures as twenty and told that there were about fifty workers were present at the construction site at the time of the collapse.

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Until now, the reason the mishap could not identify while the city police chief said that a Chinese woman detained for investigation.

At once, a boom in the tourism seen in the small fishing village in the 2000s, generally from holidaymakers and Western backpackers.

However, during the last three years, the area changed its recognition due to the construction of several casinos targeting especially Chinese tourists.


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