This winter, there might be a 2nd worse COVID-19 wave – CDC

There might be a 2nd worse COVID-19 wave in Coming winter – CDC

According to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a second wave of the novel coronavirus outbreak could hit this winter in combination with the flu season to make an even worse effect. Robert Redfield, the CDC director, says in an article on Tuesday that there is a possibility that the attack of COVID-19 on U.S. nation coming winter will actually even more hard than the present one.

He adds that they are going to have the flu pandemic as well as the coronavirus pandemic at the same time, foreseeing a double assault on the health care system. There are shots to help stop the flue and medicines to treat it, but in the case of a novel coronavirus, there is still no authentic and official vaccine or treatment that comes in the market. So, it remains a fatal infection.

The season of flu started around since September beginning, while due to its extensive authentic treatment, it considered an as low disease, but this season the health officials saw a high number of hospitalizations as well as infections, and it took lives of 168 children. According to the CDC, last year, the flu killed around 34,200 U.S. nationals and about infected 35.5 million people. To have both the flu and the COVID-19 simultaneously could overwhelm the hospitals and the clinics of doctors.

How Seasonal Flu and coronavirus affect the plans to reopen the country?

During the news conference, the reporters asked Dr. Deborah Birx, the coordinator of the coronavirus task force, about the remarks of Redfield and how such the convergence of seasonal flu and the novel coronavirus could affect the plans to reopen the nation. She expresses that they are very obvious in the safety guidelines and have a belief they will observe again and observe communities at the community level by using the illness such as influenza.

The team is making positive efforts to build testing capacity, and it is significant to have tested in place. Birx adds that she doesn’t know if it will be worse, but it will be pretty bad. The comments of Redfield come as many governors look to partly reopen their economies of the states by releasing some restrictions intended at restraining the coronavirus spread – regardless of following increases in COVID-19 cases.

This winter, there might be a 2nd worse COVID-19 wave – CDC

Several protests in different states of the U.S. to reopen country

Protestors came out in many states against the orders of governors that mainly follow the federal safety guidelines, and Trump stressed them to RELEASE their states in tweets. When asked about the countrywide protests to reopen the country, Redfield termed it as unhelpful.

Whereas the president announced guidelines last week to back states relax their social distancing restrictions, Redfield called for the officials of the state to devote the upcoming few months preparing for the second phase by continuing to run social distancing and mounting testing capabilities and contract tracing.

Redfield quoted, looking ahead, the need for a preemptive movement to highlight the importance of flu shots to cut flu hospitalizations.

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