Amazon Purchases first health-related start-up Health Navigator since PillPack

Amazon Purchases first health-related start-up 'Health Navigator'

Amazon made its 2nd purchase in the health-care department, cracking up a start-up called Health Navigator. It will provide services and technology to digital health companies. The firm confirmed the news of the acquisition and said that the Health Navigator would join the Amazon Care group of the company, which initiated in September. Amazon Care intended to serve as a medical benefit for workforces and helps offer care virtually via video visits as well as with home visits if extra care needed.

A spokesperson of Amazon told CNBC that the service eliminates wait and travel time, associate employees along with their family members to a nurse practitioner or physician with the help of live chat or video, with the choice for in-person follow up services from a listed nurse ranging from vaccinations to immediate throat detection. According to LinkedIn, along with with just around a dozen employees, Health Navigator is much smaller than PillPack, the first health-related firm Amazon acquired. Last year, Amazon paid $753 million for PillPack to mark its entrance into the online pharmacy market.

However, Amazon is investing expressively in the business of PillPack and has around fifty job openings for the listed unit on its official website; the market proved as a challenged with established players in the business fighting to keep away Amazon from accessing the data of patient or from hiring their employees. PillPack folded into the consumables team of Amazon under a vice president, Nader Kabbani.

A brief history of Health Navigator

In 2014, David Thompson, the CEO, founded the Health Navigator company. Thompson has a name in the medical division for making a set of protocols, such as Schmitt-Thompson, that became the usual way for clinicians and nurses to guide the patients for the right place, normally through call centers. According to his LinkedIn profile, Thompson is also an emergency medicine doctor as well as a part-time faculty member at Northwestern Memorial Hospital of Chicago, Illinois. He didn’t respond to the request of an international news website for comment on the latest news.

Amazon Purchases first health-related start-up Health Navigator since PillPack

Health Navigator describes on its official website that how it collabulary works its partners like Microsoft to offer things such as symptom-checking tools that can help through remote diagnosis, along with triage, helping patients to know whether to see a doctor, stay at home or directly go to the emergency room. Several of its customers are telemedicine corporations, which provide virtual home exams and different mobile apps for doctors to connect with their patients. According to two persons conversant with the matter, the website of Health Navigator does not still reference an acquisition. However, the firm announced not to renew its contract with existing customers.

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