Uber is going to Bring Big Macs using Drone Delivery

Uber is going to Bring Big Macs with the Help of Drone

Uber is getting ready to upgrade their delivery service by adding up the drone delivery, and the program is set to initiate this summer to start a pilot program to offer delivery of fast food in San Diego, California.

The Federal Aviation Administration shortlisted San Diego last year as one of among ten cities to test drone delivery at commercial level. Afterward, the city made a partnership with Uber to run the trial, and Uber finally is working with another international fast food brand, MacDonald’s like an early partner for this package.

The two companies of fast food and transport network companies are working mutually for months to design exclusive deals to keep the customer’s food warm, keep the ice cream cold and everything undamaged during transit.

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Still, don’t you need to make the expectations to see Big Macs descending from the height to in front of your door. However, there will choose safe zones of landing to drop off the food delivery. From there, an Uber courier will collect the order and bring it to the customer’s door. Whereas, some Uber cars might also place with QR codes on the cars’ roof that might use as potential landing zones.

Pricing for Package Delivery

The delivery fees of the order are expecting to consistent with regular costs of Uber Eats that can range to $8.50 in San Diego. To make money, Uber Eats is one of the divisions of Uber reporting making a revenue of $1.5 billion in 2018 that was 150% up from the previous year.

Uber does not still have the approval of FFA for its drone delivery program. Also, Uber does not have yet a drone, but they have plans to reveal their drone in the last of this year. The speed of the drone may reach up to 70 mph.


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