China Hacked Android & iPhone Devices to target the Uyghur Muslims

China Hacked Android and iPhone Devices to target the Muslims of Uyghur

According to researchers, Chinese government associated hackers compromised websites hang around by ethnic minority Uyghurs Muslims in the start of this year, developing them to install observing implants to keep under watch illegally the user’s phones that visited them. Whereas, a familiar source with several companies confirmed that few of the sites had the ability to infect both iPhones and Android devices. However, it was not clear that the websites accomplished to hack both kinds of phones at the same time.

The outcomes prominent just how influential campaigns of cyber espionage can be when lawmakers with enough sources decide to spy on specific groups by compromising all categories of websites and generally hacking the smartphone users who access them. The Digital & Cyberspace Policy program Director at the Council on Foreign Relations, Adam Segal said that the broader approach of the hacking attacks might easily repurpose for further groups such as Hong Kong protestors.

China Hacked Android & iPhone Devices to target the Uyghur Muslims

Segal added, these are all externally facing websites, so one would assume that the capability would able to do the same to websites of Hong Kong students or Taiwanese parties or some other websites. Recently international community emphatically condemned China for its treatment of Uyghurs which also includes pushing them under intense, complicated surveillance.

Report Showing Chinese Government spies on Uyghurs Muslims

Researchers at Volexity (Cybersecurity Company) having specialties of tracking the spies of the Chinese government on Muslims of Uyghurs shared a report publicly on last Monday. The report reflects that some specific websites of government tailored for the audience of Uyghur would spontaneously hack the Android-based smartphones of a few people who visit them.

As many as hundreds of Uyghur Muslims detained in custody of Chinese government rehabilitation camps in the province of Xinjiang. And they are between the utmost surveille peoples’ group on Earth. Regions with a massive population of Uyghur facilitated with facial recognition systems and security cameras, and residents usually ruthlessly tracked.

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