Erdogan was Declared Winner for his 3rd Term After SEC’s Unofficial Count

Erdogan was Declared Winner for his 3rd Term After SEC’s Unofficial Count

People in Turkey are celebrating the third-term victory of Recep Tayyib Erdogan after Supreme Election Council declared an unofficial vote count, which declared Erdogan, the winner. Erdogan made history after triumphing in his third consecutive President Election.

It has been established by the Supreme Election Council and unofficial data from the state-run Anadolu Agency that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been re-elected. The run-off was quite tense after he could not secure more than 50 percent of the votes needed for a clear victory in the first round on May 14. However, he has managed to emerge victorious. The final vote count is in, and Erdogan has emerged victorious with 52.14% of the votes in the second turn on Sunday. According to the Supreme Election Council, Tayyib’s opponent, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, received 47.86% of the votes.

President Erdogan thanked his voters for favoring him to win the third Presidential election with a clear lead. He added, “We hope to continue earning your trust as we have for the past 21 years with God’s blessings.” He stated both rounds of voting on May 14 and May 28 have crowned all 85 million citizens of the country as the ultimate “victors.” According to the president, the opposition party should take the blame for their poor performance in the recent polls. He mentioned that the number of seats held by the Republican People’s Party in parliament has decreased compared to the 2017 elections.

Erdogan was Declared Winner for his 3rd Term After SEC’s Unofficial Count
Erdogan was Declared Winner for his 3rd Term After SEC’s Unofficial Count
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Erdogan Surpassed Turkey’s Founder

It is expected the results will be confirmed in days ahead. It appears that Erdogan’s victory in the vote has secured his place in history, extending his rule for another five years. It’s worth noting that he has already surpassed the 15-year presidency of Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

After visiting Istanbul, he went to Ankara, the capital, where he spoke to his supporters at the presidential palace. Erdogan expressed his gratefulness towards the crowd and highlighted that the nation’s top priority was to tackle inflation. However, he also reassured them that it was a challenge that could be easily overcome. According to official data, Turkey’s inflation rate dropped from 85.6 percent in October last year to 50.5 percent in March. This indicates a positive trend toward economic stability in the Republic of Turkey.

The most rising concern at the moment is to address the challenges arising from the inflation-induced price hikes and find ways to eliminate the negative impact on the well-being of our citizens, as stated by the President. As per Erdogan’s statement, focusing on healing the wounds caused by the February earthquakes and rebuilding the cities and towns destroyed in the natural disaster will remain a top priority.

When it became clear that Erdogan would continue his presidential tenure, Kilicdaroglu, on the opponent’s side, said he would continue his struggle for democracy. The leader of the Republicans People’s Party(CHP) stated that the state’s resources were utilized solely for one political party and its leader. The CHP leader thanked the heads of the Nation Alliance, their respective organizations, voters, and citizens who defended the ballots and opposed the unjust and unethical pressures. Erdogan launched and ran a robust campaign, resulting in a great victory.


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