Good Chance of Trade Deal with China – Trumps Prediction

Trump predicts Good Chance of Trade Deal with China

After meeting with Chinese Premier Liu He in the Oval Office, US President Trump becomes optimistic about the China trade deal. Donald Trump stated that both countries now think that now there is a good room for their trade deal and hopefully it will occur. According to him, the negotiator’s group is doing their best, and they showed a lot of progress in this regard.

US President Expected Meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Further, Trump stated that he is planning to arrange a meeting with China’s President Xi Jinping to finalize the deal details as soon as possible. Besides, the meeting place of both countries president will be Mar-a-Lago hopefully in the next month.

It confirmed by US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin that Liu He and his team established to extend their tour for more two days as debates continue ahead of 1st March deadline. Similar optimism expressed by the vice premier that they believe that the deal will happen and they hope that they will have a deal. The Chinese end also prepared to make their eventual effort. It is not exclusively clear that either both sides will formally give a sign that they have the plan to extend the deadline.

United States President said that he sees the progress being made. Significant progress being done, it would not be unsuitable to prolong that deadline and he would permit one more month for negotiations. Another signal of this deal’s growth for the administration is that the Chinese did a commitment to import an extra ten million metric tons of American soybeans. US Agriculture Sectary Sonny Perdue stated in a tweet that the strategy of trade between two countries is working. Good faith shown by the Chinese is the indication for more good news to come.

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer Statement

US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Trumps best trade negotiator, expressed that forced technology transfers were a single area of contention still being carried out. Making a notice that the group had made notable progress in its debates, however, it has to be done appropriately.

The lifting of tariffs among the two countries will mainly depend on what type of deal brokered and which type of enforcement and mechanism of verification will in place. On the other hand, the business community thinks not as much of the deadline of 1st March. But they believe that the deal is sustainable and comprehensive. Head of international affairs at the United States Chamber of Commerce and Executive vice president Myron Brilliant stated that in a short period of time a little fix would lead both countries back to negotiating these current issues. Brilliant further expressed that if we did not recognize this opportunity, then it will come with costs. The costs to the United States and China.


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