US Congress Passes Historic $1.2T Infrastructure Spending Package

The United States Congress passed a landmark 1.2T dollars bipartisan infrastructure spending bill in a 228/206 vote.

US Congress Passes Historic $1.2T Infrastructure Spending Package

Late Friday night, the United States Congress passed a landmark 1.2T dollars bipartisan infrastructure spending bill in a 228/206 vote. That approves the massive transportation spending package in American history. The package would transform United States’ disintegrating transportation network and boost internet coverage. Thirteen GOPs voted to pass the infrastructure spending, while six Dems voted against that.

The infrastructure bill now reaches President Jo Biden’s desk to have his signature, following some delay and internal discussion among Dems, including calls from the President to convince skeptical progressive Democratic caucus members.

Furthermore, the US House took a major step toward passage of 1.85T dollars social safety net and climate bill, following several months of wrangling between progressive and moderate wings in Democrats. Joe Biden said he looks forward to signing both of the bills into law. And generations from now, Americans would look back, and realize that is when the “United States won the economic race for the 21st Century.”

Who are The Thirteen GOPs Voted In Favor of the Bill?

Here are the 13 GOPs who voted in favor of the infrastructure bill.

  • Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio
  • Rep. Don Bacon of Nebraska
  • Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania
  • Rep. John Katko of New York
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois
  • Fred Upton of Michigan
  • Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey
  • Rep. David McKinley of West Virginia
  • Rep. Tom Reed of New York
  • Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey
  • Rep. Don Young of Alaska
  • Rep. Nicole Malliotakis of New York
  • Rep. Andrew Garbarino of New York

And here are the 6 House Dems who vote NO on the legislation.

  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York
  • Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota
  • Rep. Jamaal Bowman of New York
  • Rep. Ayanna Pressley of Massachusetts
  • Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan
  • Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri

What is Included in The Infrastructure Package?

The lawmaking passed the United States Senate on 10th August but was stalled in the House of Representatives as Dems attempted to discuss the agreement on a separate 1.9T dollars economic package, one more significant part of Joe Biden’s plan that several Dems had tied to the outcome of an infrastructure package.

The 1.2T dollars infrastructure bill includes 550 Bn dollars in new spending on the country’s physical infrastructures and has been admired by the American President as the biggest investment in ports, airports, roads, bridges, drinking water, sewerage systems, and railways in years. The package invests 110 Bn dollars for major projects, including roads, bridges, 66 Bn dollars for passenger rails, and 39 Bn dollars for public transit.

Moreover, the bill provides 55 Bn dollars for clean drinking water and 55 Bn dollars for high-speed internet services. Moreover, it invests tens of billions of dollars in upgrading the electric grid and 7.5 Bn dollars to build the countywide network of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations. The bill also includes 7.5 Bn dollars for electric buses and ferries and 25 Bn dollars for airports.

US Congress Passes Historic $1.2T Infrastructure Spending Package
US Congress Passes Historic $1.2T Infrastructure Spending Package
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Moreover, a White House official confirmed President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke after the voting, and they talked at least 4-times on Friday as they coordinated and made numerous calls to members the whole day. In addition, Pelosi called the lawmaking historic and transformative.


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