US Citizenship test is revising During last Decade

Citizenship test of the US is revising after ten years

The United States Citizenship & Immigration Services announced that the administration of Trump is revising the US citizenship test for the first time in last ten years. According to a USCIS official the agency is emphasizing on modifications to the civics portion of the test, although there could also change to the English section.

The notice comes after a harsh debate on who should allow in the state when President Trump targeted progressive congresswomen, influencing them to go back to the place where they came from. On the other hand, three among those four born in the United States, whereas the fourth one is a naturalized citizen.

The general national pass rate is 90% as of March 2019. USCIS stated that in the financial year 2018, about 757,000 people naturalized. Last time in 2009, the United States citizenship test revised, and it is the test that immigrants must pass to recognize as a US citizen. Hopefully, US citizens asked about ten of these while an interview, and among those, they have to answer six correctly to qualify.

Ken Cuccinelli, the acting USCIS Director, and an immigration hardliner expressed that the modifications and changes in the test not focused on limiting the success rates. Cuccinelli stated to The Washington Post that isn’t everyone always suspicious that used for ulterior purposes. He added; obviously, they are going to deeply disappoint when it looks just like another civics exam’s version. Mean that is much more how it is going to look.

When will Revised Citizenship test Implement

After a sequence of pilot programs, a new test estimated to implement in December 2020 or at the start of 2021. Francis Cissna, exacting USCIS director initially announced the future test revision in a May 3 memorandum. However, at the end of May, Cissna left the agency in the wake of a demonstration at the Homeland Security’s Department.

US Citizenship test is revising During last Decade

The memo represents that the previous revision in 2009 executed standardized test forms for both civics and English test requirements. The administration of Trump pursued to crack down illegal and legal immigration. It looks that this decision falls in the Trump’s agenda line while it is not clear what strictly the administration aims to modification on the test.

Donald Trump similarly announced last week that he would look for citizenship information from agencies that already gather the data and will not focus on putting a citizenship question on the census of 2020. In June, the Supreme Court blocked to add the question.


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