US signed a historic agreement with Taliban

United States Signed a Historic Peace Agreement with Taliban

On Saturday, the United States and Taliban signed a historic agreement after some days of the drop in violence, which will speed up the potential of a complete withdrawal of the U.S. military along with its allies from Afghanistan and might make the possibility to end the longest war of America. The peace agreement signed in Doha by Zalmay Khalilzad, Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation (the chief negotiator of U.S. with the Taliban) and Mullah Abdul Ghani Barakillingdar, the chief negotiator of Taliban. Whereas Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, witnessed the signing of the agreement.

The pact set for bringing peace to Afghanistan specifies a series of commitments from the Taliban and the United States related to levels of troops, counterterrorism, as well as the intra-Afghan negotiation intended at taking about a wide-ranging and enduring ceasefire. Pompeo states at a conference in Doha, Qatar, on Saturday that the present moment is hopeful for both sides and the whole region, but it is just the beginning. Still, there is a prodigious deal of more work ahead on the ambassadorial front.

US signed a historic agreement with Taliban

According to the details of the agreement, the Taliban will initiate intra-Afghanistan dialogs with Afghan sides on 10th March 2020. The peace treaty lays out a fourteen-month timetable for the removal of elimination of all military forces of the U.S., coalition partners, its allies including all private security contractors, non-diplomatic civilian personnel, supporting staffs, advisors and trainers. According to the agreement words, the preliminary drawdown to around 8,600 troops from Afghanistan would happen within the first 135 days after the deal.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Agreement

State Secretary, Pompeo said at the signing ceremony that the United States will deeply watch the acquiescence of the Taliban with their assurances, and standardize the pace of U.S. extraction to their actions. He added, in this way, U.S. will certify that Afghanistan will never yet again serve as a mainland for international terrorists. The American President Donald Trump told reporters on Saturday at a news conference at White House that he would meet personally with leaders of Taliban in the not too distant future following the agreement signing.

A source having knowledge of the talks between U.S.-Taliban told CNN that Trump and Taliban leaders could meet as soon as the coming week. The source also said the dialogues could go on in the United States. At the press briefing, Trump said that everyone desired it to happen. He wanted to congratulate those United States officials who played their role; besides, he also wants to congratulate his Afghanistan counterpart.

About Peace Agreement

The agreement between the United States and Taliban consists of four pages, and it states that the Taliban will make efforts to stop any individual or group, including al-Qaida, from using the Afghanistan land to threaten the U.S. and its allies. Those moves include promises that the Taliban will train its members not to collaborate with individuals or groups threatening the security of the U.S. and its associates and that it will stop them from recruiting, fundraising, and physical training and host them in compliance with the commitments in this peace pact.

A senior official of the administration who told reporters the previous week recognized that people worried about the historical relationship between al-Qaida and the Taliban. He says that the U.S. thinks it is a historic and conclusive primary move in terms of their public knowledge that they are mocking ties with al Qaeda. That’s all heading for a work in progress. Moreover, the peace agreement also intended for the release of five-thousand Taliban prisoners and one-thousand prisoners of the second side on the initial day of intra-Afghan negotiations.

The agreement also states that both sides have the intentions to release all the remaining prisoners over the passage of the following three months. The U.S. promises to finalize this goal. Following the agreement signing, Pompeo said in a news conference that if the Taliban don’t sustain their commitments with the United States, Trump along with his allies will not hesitate to do what they must need to do to save the lives of Americans.

Though Pompeo was in Doha, Qatar, Mark Esper (the Secretary of Defense) was in Kabul for a combined announcement ceremony with NATO and Afghanistan officials on Saturday, including Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary-General of NATO, and Ashraf Ghani, the Afghanistan President.

Afghanistan’s future

Mark Esper expressed positive hope about the future of Afghanistan. He said that Afghanistan deserved an opportunity to enjoy the security that comes from constancy and peace and will only occur if Afghanistan collaborates with the United States to embrace the chance. The signing of the U.S.-Taliban peace agreement sees that awareness of a campaign promise for American President Trump, who wanted to lessen the United States’ involvement in wars outside the U.S.

On Friday, Trump stated that if the Taliban and Afghanistan’s government fulfills these commitments, the U.S. has a solid option to end the Afghan war and bring troops home. These commitments signify a significant move to a wave of long-term peace in a new Afghanistan, free from ISIS, Al Qaeda, and any other extremist group that would bring harm to the U.S. The United States engaged in the Afghan war since 2001. The agreement signed in Doha came after over one year of occasional negotiations of the U.S. with the militant group.

At that time, Khalilzad said that the Taliban and the United States reached an agreement in principle at the start of September 2019. Soon afterward, the American president called off the dialogue with the Taliban and announced that he canceled a secret Camp David meeting with the Taliban after they took credit for a fatal attack in Kabul that killed the United States, service member resulted in break in the peace talks.

Trump’s Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

In November, Donald Trump announced while on a surprise visit to Afghanistan that the dialogues just started with Taliban leaders. He gave the statement just after the Taliban released an American along with an Australian professor in an exchange for the release of 3 Taliban prisoners by the government of Afghanistan. In December, the State Department of the United States announced that Khalilzad returned to the negotiations talks with the Taliban leaders in the capital of Qatar.


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