Joe Biden responds student in a disrespectful way

Joe Biden, presidential candidate responded student with humiliating words

During an election campaign on Sunday, Joe Biden 77, a presidential candidate of the 2020 Presidential Election of the United States called a student of college with jokingly words such as a “lying, dog-faced pony soldier.” This incident occurred just two months after when he blasts on a voter of lowa, when he called him a “damn liar” and just a few days after when he roughly instructed an activist of climate to go vote for any other candidate.

The election campaign trail headscratchers came as Biden took the violent way after last week’s disastrous lowa caucuses disappointing 4th-place finish. He is standing behind his major rivals such as Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Biden reacted like this when Madison, the student of Mercer University, questioned him how he still remains competitive in the presidential race after his last week bad performance.

Source:  Fox news

Initially, Biden responded to the student that you raised a good question. First of all, lowa’s a democratic group. You have never been to a caucus. Further, he called him a liar, dog-faced pony soldier. In the last, he said that he confused a little bit in lowa.

President Obama’s Broken Promise

In January, Biden also used the unusual phrase in reply to a question about the broken promise of Obama that people would guarantee the opportunity to keep their doctors under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In Contrast to previous suggestions of Biden that he speaks the line from a movie, TMZ of John Wayne and the phrase may take from “Pony Soldier,” the 1952 Tyrone Power film.

Joe Biden responds student in a disrespectful way

The attitude of Biden raised Questions about his Campaign

The defensiveness of Biden in such a way on the campaign trail raised questions regarding his probable electability issues, particularly given Trump’s tendency for hitting the perceived corruption of Biden. The ex-vice president, Biden then outwardly called the man fat after ridiculing him for his sedentary lifestyle, though his election campaign said it as a misunderstanding.

In recent few days, Biden stepped up his aggressive behaviour, though his attacks majorly directed not just at voters, as well as other rivals for heading the White House. In his justification, the former vice president said that when someone attacked you with words, you have to respond to him. He used to keep his mouth shut for a long time and didn’t respond at all. But now, these type of attacks approaches towards him consistently, that’s necessary to reply them with the same tone.


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