European Airbus Planned to Scrap Producer of World’s Largest Airliner

European Airbus Planned to Scrap Producer of World’s Largest Airliner

A published statement stated that Airbus announced that they will deliver the last A380 in 2021. Emirates is the world’s largest A380 customer, and they decided to reverse their order. Further, they decided to buy smaller A330neo and A350 models due to which Airbus takes this decision. Moreover, Emirates Airlines announced to use the Airbus flagship aircraft properly into the 2030s.

On Thursday Europe’s Airbus declared that they have plans of scrap production of the world’s largest airliner, canceling their superjumbo A380 program to start smaller fast jets.

Airbus CEO Tom Enders gives his statement that due to the decision of Emirates Airlines they are not considering A380b backlog for their further production due to their sales efforts with other airlines in the last some years. Due to which they have decided to end the production of A380 after deliveries in 20121. Ender further said that due to the unpleasant results of this decision they are mainly embedded in their 2018 complete year results. This particular news will affect 3000 to 3500 jobs potentially that’s why Airbus would start discussions with the union regarding this in the coming weeks.

The disappointment of Emirates CEO

As stated above that Airbus announced that they have plans to quit As80 superjumbo, so they said that they have discussions with the carrier Emirates in contact to a joint contract. They said that they would plan to produce seventeen more A380s, in which fourteen for Emirates and three for Japanese airline ANA.

CEO and Chairman of Emirates Airlines and Group Mr. HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum gives his statement that Emirates has been a devoted buyer of the A380 inception since their beginning. Unfortunately, they disappointed that they are going to give up their order sustained and this current dealing cannot continued. They are entirely accepting the reality of the current situation.

On the other hand, he further said that A380 is a superb aircraft and our customers and crew loved it. Also, A380 is a differentiated symbol for Emirates from others. But he established that they are not leaving the Airbus flagship and would continue to use well into the 2030s

President of Airbus Commercial Aircraft and future CEO of Airbus Mr. Guillaume Faury expressed that the flagship of Emirates is A380 and it has a massive part in the success of airline for over ten years. We are too much regret for our airlines’ position, but the selection of A350 and A33neo for airline’s future growth is an excellent decision for economic full body aircraft family.

End of an Era

In 2007, A380’s first flight flown under the banner of Singapore Airlines banner. Unluckily A380 was popular among many passengers it fell its number of expected sales target. Ultimately failed to get the only sale to any United States’ airlines. At the moment A380’s is trying to replace the Boeing 747 because, after the arrival of further fuel-friendly offerings like Boeing’s own 787 Dreamliner or Airbus’s A350, the queen of the skies was suddenly unpredicted.

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