Apple purchased Tueo Health to Monitor Sleeping Children Asthma Symptoms

Digital health app for child asthma

The world tech giant Apple bought a small start-up named Tueo Health that was making a system to help the parents to observe the symptoms of asthma in sleeping children. It is not clear how much Apple pays to buy this start-up. However, it raised a little seed round of 1.1 million dollars in 2017 funding. CEO and co-founder of Tueo, Bronwyn Harris along with with chief operating officer Anura Patil transformed their employer to Apple on the official accounts of LinkedIn in 2018 and that the time when Apple finalized its acquisition of the company.

When an Apple spokesman asked to comment on this scenario, he refused to do so. Early, Tueo Health was working on a mobile app that performed with the commercial breathing sensors to help treat symptoms of asthma in children. The application would send alerts to the child parents if his breathing disturbed at night.

Furthermore, Apple is introducing additional health features in its products, likewise the Apple Watch. The most recent Apple Watch version can carry out an electrocardiogram such as detect when a user falls.

On the other side, Bloomberg shows its expectation that Apple will revamp its Health application for iPhones with the latest features like tracking menstrual cycles in its “update of iOS 13.” On June 3, Apple is going to declare its most recent iOS 13 features during its annual conference of developers.

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The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, touted the ambition of Apple in health technology. Further, he expressed that focusing health care will most enormous contribution of Apple towards humanity. Only Apple is famous for developing two other health care acquisitions. It purchased a start-up named Gliimpse that was emerging technology to aggregate the medical records in 2017.

Moreover, Apple makes many small acquisitions as it did this year. Tim Cook, the CEO told the international news website that every few weeks, Apple buys a new company. He added the tech firm is focusing on hunting for talent and intellectual property.


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