Bacteria Can Build or Spoil the Human’s Mind

Bacteria Can Spoil or build the Human’s Mind

In history, a few health researchers study and found the relationship between mental health and the diet. But now in modern research, it is developing that there is a strong relation of bacteria in the human diet with mental health and growth. The food we eat as our diet can build or weak the social mind efficiency.

The origins of depression may not entirely depend on the patient’s gut the obvious place. It was the guess of George Porter Phillips of 20th Century. Phillips when visited his patients in the wards of London’s notorious Bethlem Royal Hospital, he perceived that they the patients affected with melancholia (situation of severe depression) mostly are patients of constipation together with common blockage of the metabolic processes as well as a sallow complexion, brittle nails, and lusterless hair.

Primary Cause of Physiological Problems

It is naturally observed that depression is the primary cause of many physiological problems; on the other hand, Phillips speculated the causation towards another side. He said that you could not ease the melancholia by only targeting the gut. To catch out his doubt about the diet, Phillips fed his patients with reduced diet avoiding all types of meats excluding fish. He also gives them fermented milk to drink which recognized as kefir and enriched with lactobacillus bacteria. Lactobacillus bacteria is a friendly microbe, and it was previously famous as to ease digestion.

Remarkably it gives very positive results to him, out of eighteen patients, eleven cured entirely. Whereas, two of them improved their health more significantly. It provides the first sign that the gut bacteria in the human body can have a profound influence on human’s mental comfort.

Alternatively, BBC Me series and Future’s Microbes have now examined several claims about the power of human’s gut microbiota to hurt or heal. The question arises that how could these microscopic scavengers, nurturing on the debris of human body’s digestion, may affect the brain and mental health of a human being.

Connection Between the Gut and the Mental Health

Regardless of early studies as well as Philippian studies the clue that the gut might have an impact on the mental health of humans, got much favored in the 20th century. Whereas, it’s strong evidence of this link from last two decades emerged again. In 2004, from Kyushu University in Japan, one of the most important experiments came out.

The experimental team at first established that when germ-free mice raised in sterilized conditions, so they have no microorganisms on. Even some signs reflect that behaviors of depression can conveyed across species such as from human beings to mouse with the help of microbes in the guts.


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