Coronavirus causes sudden strokes in youngsters – health experts

Coronavirus may cause sudden strokes in youngsters – Health officials

On Wednesday, the doctors reported that the novel coronavirus usually causes sudden strokes in young people in their 30s as well as 40s before their severe illness. According to the doctors, the patients may not intentionally call 911 for medical assistance because they heard that hospitals already overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases. There is a developing evidence that the coronavirus infection can cause the blood to clot in rare ways due to which it creates strokes in the patients.

A neurosurgeon at Mount Sinai Health System, Dr. Thomas Oxley, and his colleagues shared details of five patients they treated. All these five people were under the age of fifty and had mild symptoms of the coronavirus infection or experiencing no symptoms at all. Oxley told CNN that the deadly virus appeared to be causing bigger clotting in the large arteries, which may lead to severe stroke.

He adds that their report shows a seven-fold rise in occurrence of instant stroke in young people having coronavirus infection during the past two weeks. Most of these young patients have nor previous medical history and were at home experiencing mild symptoms or, in two cases, experiencing no symptoms of coronavirus. All these tested positive for the virus, and two of them delayed to call an ambulance. Furthermore, other doctors also reported that people hessite to call 911 or go to emergency wards because of the outbreak.

Usually, Strokes are not common in young people

According to health experts, it is uncommon for young people to have strokes, especially in large vessels in the brain. Over the previous year, they treated, on average, 0.73 patients every two weeks under the age of fifty years with large blood vessel stroke. That is less than two people in one month. A stroke in a large vessel of a person causes severe harm or creates a life threat if it does not remove it in the right way. At least one patient with large vessel stroke died, and others shifted in rehabilitation centers or stroke unit or the intensive care unit, Oxley said.

Coronavirus causes sudden strokes in youngsters – health experts

Moreover, Oxley says that the average person having large vessel stroke is severely weakened, which means a bigger clot. It includes one of the major arteries in the brain. When the blood flow stopped, brain cells die, and the longer it blocked, the broader it damages the brain. In these cases, quick and accurate treatment is vital. The most effective and healthy treatment for large vessel stroke is the retrieval of the clot. But it needed to perform within the six hours of the creation of clot, and sometimes treatment should perform within twenty-four hours.

Oxley further said that his team desired to tell the public to observe themselves for coronavirus symptoms and to call 911 in case of any stroke. He wrote, so far, health officials advised people to call for an ambulance only when they feel shortness of breath or high fever.

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