China and UAE start coronavirus vaccine Phase 3 clinical trials in Humans

UAE and China launch Phase 3 clinical trial in humans for Covid-19 vaccine content

According to the the United Arab Emirates state media and China National Biotec Group, UAE and China just launched a Phase 3 clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine. The initiative is another step towards the race to discover and develop a scientific solution to the coronavirus. G42, UAE-based AI & cloud computing firm with the Sinopharm Group, a Chinese pharmaceutical firm, signed the trial agreement on Wednesday.

The worldwide drug makers are trying to make a COVID-19 vaccine. However, it’s not clear if or when a vaccine will be available publicly, while the scientists are hopeful of developing vaccines by early 2021. The pandemic vaccines have to go through multi-phase trials to certify the safety and effectiveness, and usually, it may take years to develop.

Clinical Development of a vaccine typically takes three phases

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), clinical development usually takes three phases. In Phase 1, small groups of people take the trial vaccine. After that, in the Phase 2 trial, the group of people receiving the vaccine expands to those who have characteristics like those for whom the new vaccine is developed.

Whereas in Phase 3, the vaccine trial can be a key moment. This phase used to test the efficacy of the new vaccine in humans. Moreover, Phase 3 can also proceed to authorize results from Phase 1 and Phase 2 vaccine trials on a larger scale. Tens of thousands of people usually take part in trials of Phase 3. At this point, the significantly larger number of people’s participation helps scientists learn about potential rare side effects from the vaccine.

UAE and China start coronavirus vaccine Phase 3 clinical trials in Humans
COVID-19 vaccine
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WAM, the state news agency of UAE, reported that if the scientists confirmed the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine throughout the whole clinical trial process, they considered the test successful. After this success, the vaccine enters into the large-scale phase of manufacturing. COVID-19 vaccines in development across the world are in several stages of testing. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are sixteen candidate coronavirus vaccines in clinical evaluation and an additional 125 in the pre-clinical assessment.

The University of Oxford also started Phase 3 trial

The collaboration of China and the United Arab Emirates is not the only vaccine at the Phase 3 stage. The University of Oxford also started the Phase 3 trial of the coronavirus vaccine on its vaccine participants, and the United States firm Moderna plans to launch its Phase 3 trial of thirty thousand candidates in next month.

As COVID-19 level started to decline due to which several trials face an obstacle. The point of Phase 3 trial is to vaccinate participants and then see if they naturally become infected from the virus, but with minor circulating coronavirus rates. The subjects of study are less likely to exposed to the virus in the primary place. The scientists are still optimistic about the ultimate development of a vaccine. But the is no guarantee that its vaccine will be found.

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