Trump again deceives on ventilator shortages at briefing

Trump yet again mislead on shortages of ventilators in the U.S. at briefing

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, again misleads with doubtful claims at a news briefing about coronavirus on Wednesday. The briefing started with an off-topic debate of the efforts of the administration to fight drug trading. The President again said that no one could forecast a crisis regarding COVID-19 pandemic leading to a deficiency of ventilators across the U.S., for which the experts warned repeatedly. Trump estimated that after about one month, the coronavirus would no longer be a concern, a timeline at odds with valuations of experts.

And he implied some of the United States is essentially fine when it comes to the epidemic. Here are some facts of those claims we will below.

Timeline for coronavirus

The U.S. President says after one month or some days above, after the current crisis, hopefully, the nation will not be going to worry about the virus anymore.

The suggestion of Trump that COVID-19 will pass in a month is against the reality as estimates of several experts and Trump’s recent statements go against it. Last week, the coronavirus response coordinator of the White House, Dr. Deborah, pointed towards a model produced by the Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation of the University of Washington. The model evaluates that the number of deaths from the coronavirus in the United States will hit its peak level from mid-April to the end of the month.

Trump again deceives on ventilator shortages at briefing

However, it also forecasts that there will be over one thousand deaths per day every day after 1st May (about one month from today) through 10th May, then over two hundred deaths per day every day from 11th May through 1st June. According to the model, the number of fatalities will drop to zero in mid-July, about three and a half months from today. The model offers a range of estimations for each date.

Dr. Nancy Messonnier about the epidemic

The director of the National Center for Immunization & Respiratory Diseases at CDC, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, said on 19th March that she could not say confidently how long the virus crisis would last, but some places would probably affect in the summer also. Whereas, experts say there might the United States will face a second wave of the COVID-19, the most thing to worry about even after the present crisis ends. The director of the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said on Monday that he would assume a 2nd wave in the drop, due to the level of transmissibility.

He added that the United States would more equip to test and contain the epidemic at that time, but he didn’t say that the U.S. citizens would no longer have to concern about the coronavirus after one month or onward. Trump himself acknowledged around fourteen days ago that some people gave warning that COVID-19 could continue until July to August, something like that. And though estimations can change rapidly, Trump offered a timeline more than one month or so this week. On Sunday, the President said that he and his administrations expect that by 1st June, the U.S. will be on its way to recovery.

Shortages of Ventilators

On Wednesday, Donald Trump repeated the claim that no one forecasted the deficiencies of ventilators that became the main part pf the COVID-19 crisis in the United States. He gave the remarks while touting the efforts by the American companies such as General Motors and Ford to produce ventilators on an emergency basis. At the White House news briefing, Trump says that at the moment they are building thousands of ventilators. It requires plenty of time to build them, and nobody knows earlier that a thing like this may happen.

On the other hand, public health officials and medical experts said many times for years that the United States would encounter a shortage of ventilators if the country would face a pandemic such as novel coronavirus. Even during the presidency of Trump, they gave several warnings that hospitals across the country would run out of lifesaving equipment as well as resources because the republic didn’t equip for a pandemic. Once the President falsely claimed that no one projected a shortage of ventilators.

Previously, CNN reported that the warning regarding the shortages of ventilators issued in at least ten government reports between 2003 and 2015. It raised the fears that there would not be ventilators and other lifesaving equipment if the United States hit with any serious pandemic. The study issued by the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institutes of Health, the Government Accountability Office, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the administration of Obama White House, and many more.

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