World’s Second Luckiest Patient to Cured of HIV

2nd luckiest patient of world being cured from HIV

Among all the diseases in human beings, HIV is considered as the untreated disease leads to confirm death in spite the tech development in the health sector. Whereas, after the introduction of stem cell transplant; there may seem a chance to cure the patient of HIV and save his life. The patient from London whose treatment was going for curing cancer has been in diminution for eighteen months since he stopped taking drugs of HIV. According to the case study in journal Nature, he considered a second person who experienced continuous remission from HIV-1. The first successful case of HIV cured patient reported then years ago, known as Berlin patient.

With the statement of some senior medical scientists, they believe that the patient of London now cured of the deadly viral infection. Following some rough calculations, about thirty-seven million people globally affected with this dangerous infection. Whereas, the first and the current patient, both treated with the process of stem cell transplants from the rare genetic mutation carriers donors; recognized as CCR5-delta 32 that able them resistant to the infection of HIV.

2nd luckiest patient of world being cured from HIV

Ravindra Gupta Views About 2nd Patient

A professor in University College London’s Division of Immunity and Infection, Ravindra Gupta also expressed. He said that by using a similar approach to achieve remission in a 2nd patient, they revealed that the Berlin Patient was not a mismatch. And that it was actually the treatment that leads to eliminate HIV in both of the patients. He furthermore stated that the technique used is not suitable for all patients. However, it gives hope for using new strategies for treatment plus gene therapies as it is too early that the man cured of HIV. But he and his colleagues will continue to observe the condition of the man.

About ten lac people annually die from HIV related reasons. Antiretroviral therapy is the treatment for HIV which contains medications. It destroy the virus and patients infected from HIV have to take for their whole life.

Dr. Sharon Lewin’s Statement

Professor of medicine at the University of Melbourne and the director of the Peter Doherty Institute for Immunity & infection, Dr. Sharon Lewin said that it excites us to see long remission in the London patient. After the strong report of the Berlin Patient coming ten years, this latest case approves that from a CCR5-negative donor bone marrow transplantation can remove the residual virus and halt any traces of virus from rebounding. Two factors may involve in it; the new bone marrow is actively reducing all HIV-infected cells, and the new bone marrow is resistant to HIV.

2nd luckiest patient of world being cured from HIV

A professor of infectious diseases from Imperial College London, Graham Cooke gives his statement to the Science Media Center that the newest study is inspiring. He not involved in the case study, but he said that if we can realize in a better way; why the method works positively in some patients and not in others. We will be near to our eventual goal of curing HIV.


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