World Reaction to Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

United Kingdom Secretary of Defense said the Taliban Forces’ seizure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a failure of the global community.

World Reaction to Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan

The Taliban leaders announced “the war is over in Afghanistan,” few hours after capturing Kabul, Afghanistan, and soon after Ashraf Ghani, the President of Afghanistan, fled the country. The rapid pace of the Taliban capturing, which came as the United States and NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) military forces continued their almost completed pullout, surprised Western administrations, who pursued on Monday to scramble to vacate their diplomats, residents, and several local Afghans who supported them.

Afghan people in Kabul, meanwhile, from which the Afghan Taliban had been overthrown two decades ago, experienced an indeterminate future as insurgents from the group started roaming the streets. Till now, the Taliban have pledged to keep up stability in Afghanistan and prevent more violence, with Mohammed Naeem, the Taliban spokesman telling the new outlet the type and form of the new administration in the country will be made evident soon.


Moreover, over sixty countries released a joint statement on late Sunday saying that those in authority and power across the nation bear responsibility and accountability for human life and property protection and the instant refurbishment of civil order and security. The Afghans deserve to live their lives in safety, dignity, and security, and those all nations in the global community stand prepared to help them.

World Reaction On Taliban Takeover

Antonio Guterres, U.N. Secretary-General, called on the organization’s security council to “use all tools at its disposal” to overwhelm the international threat in the war-torn country and assure that fundamental human rights will be protected.

United States President Joe Biden

Joe Biden, the President of America, hadn’t articulated publicly on the condition in the Islamic Republic since Saturday when he protected his determination to pull out U.S.-led forces. However, he is anticipated to make an address in the upcoming days.

Jake Sullivan, American National Security Adviser, said Monday that the failure of the Afghan forces is to blame for the armed fighters’ rapid takeover of the country. Moreover, he told Mr. Biden isn’t willing to enter another decade of conflict in the country and believed it was for the Afghan military to defend the nation twenty years after billion-dollar investment and training by American forces.

Qatar Demanded Stability of Afghans

On Monday, while speaking in Jordan, Mohammed Bin Al Thani, Qatari Foreign Minister, demanded stability for the Afghans. He also said that there’s global anxiety about the events’ escalation in the country, and they emphasized the significance of not compromising the Afghans’ security and stability and the significance of establishing safety in Afghanistan as early as possible.

U.K. Defense Secretary says Taliban’s “takeover of Afghanistan is the failure of the global community”

On Monday, Ben Wallace, United Kingdom Secretary of Defense, said the Taliban Forces’ seizure of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a failure of the global community. He told BBC that all of them know that ‘Afghanistan isn’t finished,’ instead, it is an uncompleted issue for the globe and the world wishes to solve it.

World Reaction to Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
World Reaction to Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan
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Statement of Taliban Spokesman Mohammed Naeem

Mohammed Naeem told Al Jazeera that they ask all nations to sit with them to settle any problems. They have reached, what they’re seeking, the freedom of their nation and the independence of their people. Moreover, they don’t think those international forces would repeat their failed experience in war-torn Afghanistan once more.

Pakistan Will Continue to Play the Part for “Peace and Stability”

According to Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Foreign Minister of Pakistan, guaranteed a visiting delegation of the ex-Afghan administration on Monday that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan will continue to play the part for “stability and peace” in Afghanistan.


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