CES 2021 highlights: Transparent TV’s, Rollable Screens, Gaming WowCube and Many More has been showcased So Far

CES 2021 highlights: Transparent TV's, Rollable Screens, Gaming WowCube has been showcased So Far

The CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the most significant high-tech event in the world. The world has already seen big tech announcements from Razer, LG, and even Yves Saint-Laurent and L’Oreal. It is a chance for cutting-edge tech companies and creators to come together to show the world their newest inventions. From a rollable smartphone to a lipstick mixer (worth $299), here are some highlights from the tech trade display.

The CES 2021 show will run until Thursday, January 14 . The show is slightly different as compared to previous years because of the current COVID-19 pandemic. The CES usually show magnets up to a massive 0.2 million guests. Surprisingly, it is being held digitally in 2021, with virtual booths where tech companies can present their inventions and creations.

Home Office and Home Entertainment

The increased use of work-from-home technology cuts off the home entertainment during the pandemic hit. Acer Predator Triton laptop is built for both working-from-home and gaming purposes. The technology is also getting buzz in the home-office space includes phones, desktops, TVs, and innovative watches.

Rollable Screens and Transparent TV’s

LG and TCL are exploring the idea of rollable-screen displays. Although being far away from 8K resolution being mainstream, T.V manufacturers are driving on the ultra-high-resolution tech roads. TCL publicized a full lineup of 8K supporting smart Roku TV’s.

Smart Phones and tablets are recognized for holding lots of information on tiny devices. However, these rollable screens may allow for bigger screens to be neatly and gracefully stored away in smaller spaces. TCL claims its display is just 0.18mm deep; when compared, it emerges only twice as thick as the office paper.

TV’s are also going transparent in 2021. On Monday, LG revealed a see-through 55-inch TV that looks like a sheet of glass. It is a trend that is picking up among TV makers like Panasonic and Xiaomi though early products are still costly and rare.

LG also revealed the LG Rollable phone, whose screen can roll up to make it a tablet. Later this year, it will arrive in the market, apparently aimed at people who want to stream Netflix on the go and demand to fit in their pockets.

Samsung will also release more phone news in the coming week when it declares its “Samsung Galaxy S21″ lineup.

The Robot Vacuum

Samsung has revealed several new products this year, including a robot vacuum cleaner. It is named the JetBot 90 AI. The company declares the device’s smartness enough to clean spaces while also avoiding delicate stuff. The product uses object-recognition technology to determine the best path to take when cleaning.

How handy is that owners can observe how the robotic machine is getting on using their phones. It is even capable of emptying its own basket.

The WowCube

The WowCube is an exceptional device that permits users to play in an entirely new way. This gaming system bears a resemblance to a Rubik’s cube. WowCube is made up of eight individually connected cubes.

The gaming WowCube allows its users to play video-games that run on all 24 screens simultaneously. People can shake, twist, and tilt the device while they play, providing a very different experience compared to more traditional gaming devices.

 CES 2021 highlights: Transparent TV's, Rollable Screens, Gaming WowCube has been showcased So Far
CES 2021 highlights: Transparent TV’s, Rollable Screens, Gaming WowCube has been showcased So Far
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