Huawei CEO Confirms the news to sell 5G chips to Apple

Ren Zhengfei Confirms the news to sell Huawei 5G chips to Apple

CEO and founder of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei said that they are going to sell 5G and silicon chips to iphone maker Apple. It will mark a shift in the thinking of Chinese technology giants towards their own intellectual property. The largest networking equipment maker of the world stays in the consumer market for a comparatively short period along with its own-brand smartphones; however, it rose rapidly to hold the position of third-largest vendor due to its market share.

In the start Huawei uses to sell their smartphones at low-cost tags, however, during the last few years, it moved focus to increase its share in the market in the high market end, competing Samsung and Apple. As part of that scenario, the company established its own chips as well as a modem to gives the connectivity of 5G to the smartphones including a processor to power the devices. If we define 5G, it is a next generation internet mobile that transfers data rapidly and smartly rather than the 4G network. Up to now, these technology pieces only used in the devices of Huawei and it could change.

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Huawei CEO and founder, Ren Zhengfei confirmed during an interview that his company is considering to sell the 5G chips to world’s famous company Apple. Ren said that in this regard they are open to Apple. Whereas, the Ren Zhengfei gives the interview in the Mandarin language afterward it translated to English with the services of an official translator.

Interests of Apple with Huawei’s Tech

Apple has already its processor that why it not interested in buying Huawei Kirin 980 processor for its devices. On the other side, the 5G chip of Huawei would be of interest for Apple. Until now, Apple doesn’t release any device that supports 5G technology. In the past, Apple used modems from Intel and Qualcomm for its iPhones but silicon from the latter used in its latest devices. Qualcomm and Apple trapped in a chain of legal battles regarding patents.

Qualcomm has a 5G supported modem, though until 2020 product of Intel don’t expect to hit the market. It clearly reflects that Huawei may become a possible alternative if Apple planned to release a 5G supported phone this year. When Apple asked about the release of the 5G smartphone, it declined to comment. Huawei is facing a significant political pressure right now especially from the U.S, as they declared Huawei as a national security risk due to the belief that the company could help the government of China to carry out undercover activities. Repeatedly Huawei denied all these allegations. Phones of Huawei not sold through the United States’ main telecom operators that’s why the company has tremendously small consumer occurrence in the U.S.


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