Iran gives warning to foreign forces to stay away of Gulf

Iran Threaten the Foreign Forces to Stay Away from Gulf

The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, warned the foreign forces to stay outside the Gulf because these forces are threatening the security of the region. He gives this statement after the United States decided to deploy its troops in the region. Rouhani added, foreign forces had always brought misery & pain and should not use in an arms race. After an attack on the Saudi oil facilities, the United States is sending more troops to the Kingdom, and both nations mutually blamed Iran for the attacks.

Besides, Rouhani announced that Iran would present a latest Gulf peace initiative at the UN in the coming few days. 2019 is the year of continuing tensions between the United States and Iran, after Trump’s rejection of a deal intended to limit nuclear activities of Iran in return for the enabling of sanctions.

The recent flashpoint was caused by missile and drone attacks on the oil facilities of Saudi Arabia at Khurais and Abqaiq on September 14. Yemen’s Houthi rebels accepted that they launched the attacks on the Saudi oil facilities. On the other side, both the United States and the Saudi Kingdom accused Iran that it backed the attacks, whereas Tehran firmly declined their blame.

Hassan Rouhani Statement

While addressing the anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war from 1980 to 1988, Rouhani said that foreign forces could cause complications and insecurity for their people as well as for the whole region. He called a disaster for the region in the past to the deployment of such forces and warned them to stay away. He added, if they are sincere, they should not make their region the spot of an arms race. The farther these forces keep their selves away from our region and nations, the more secure the region will be, he said.

Peace Initiative of Iran’s President

The president of Iran said that it would present to the United Nations that starts the key part of its general assembly in NY on Tuesday. Though, he shared no details and said only that peace in the Channel of Hormuz could achieved in collaboration with many other countries. Rouhani said Iran was ready to let go the previous mistakes done by regional neighbors. He said, in this historic and sensitive moment, they announce to their neighbors that they extend the hand of brotherhood and friendship.

Iran gives warning to foreign forces to stay away of Gulf

Yemen’s Houthi rebels also do a peace initiative, saying they would halt all attacks on the Saudi Kingdom and its allies did the same. Martin Griffiths, United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, stated that it significant to take benefit of this chance and move forward will all essential moves to reduce violence, unhelpful rhetoric, and military escalation.

The United States Deployment of Troops

On Friday, Pentagon announced that in response to a request of Saudi Arabia there would require a reasonable deployment to the Saudi Kingdom, not in huge numbers and intensive towards missile and air defense. Mark Esper, the Defense Secretary said that they would also do efforts to speed-up the delivery of military equipment. The statement brought a rigid response from the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran – an elite branch of the military of Tehran selected a terrorist body by the United States. Commander Major General Hossein Salami said whoever desires their region to become the main battleground, go ahead. Beware, a limited hostility will not remain limited. They will chase any aggressor.

The background of oil attacks on Saudi oil facilities

The Houthis rebels repetitively said they threw the attacks on oil facilities, the Saudis repeatedly accused Iran while Tehran denied any involvement. The attacks had a serious and maybe a long-term effect on Saudi oil supplies. The Saudis presented what they say is wreckages from Iranian-made weaponry but have not released their whole findings. The Houthis launched several rocket, missile and drone attacks on Gulf.  Furthermore, the United States also blamed Iran for attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf region in June & July alongside four other attacks in May. However, Tehran declined all the allegations in both cases.


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