Nissan former chairman Ghosn’s $350,000 escape flight

Nissan Former Chairman’s $350,000 Escape Flight

As the former chairman of Nissan Carlos Ghosn made his way from Osaka, Japan to Turkey in a private plane, the flight’s price was probably the least of his concerns. A person familiar with the affair tells CNBC that a Dubai based company settled to pay about $350,000 to MNG Jet for two flights: First from Dubai in the UAE to Osaka, whereas second flight from Osaka to Istanbul. The news website reviewed all the evidence, which reveals an initial payment of $175,000 or, in other words, half of the overall costs for the two flights.

According to the evidence, a man having the name Dr. Ross Allen contributed to securing the flight. A firm out of Dubai, Al-Nitaq Al Akhdhar for General Trade Limited, officially leased the gateway jet. But some authentic information shows that Bombardier Al-Nitaq Al Akhdhar for General Trade Limited actually based in Baghdad, the capital of Iraq. It is not clear if the firm or someone else actually raises the $175,000 for the use of the jet. A Bombardier Global Express, the private plane was the perfect jet to spirit Ghosn out of Japan at around 11:09 p.m. on 29th December.

With a range of about 7,077 miles, the jet would easily be capable of making the 5,430-mile flight from Osaka to Istanbul, Turkey. According to the Wall Street Journal, the plane is large enough to bring large equipment cases, including one which Ghosn supposedly hid in for the trip from Japan to Turkey. Now, that equipment case is in the custody of Turkey’s investigators, who dusted it for fingerprints.

MNG Jet denied knowledge about any link between Bombardier and Ghosn bail

The operator of the plane, MNG Jet, reveals that they have no knowledge that the Bombardier might use to assist the Ghosn jump bail. The name of the ex-chairman of Nissan is not present on any of the documents leasing the plane. MNG filed a criminal lawsuit against one of its staff, named Okan Kosemen, for his part in helping with the escape of Ghosn. CNBC tried to take comments from Kosemen’s attorney on the investigation, but he refused to do so. Daily Hurriyet of Turkey reported that Kosemen told investigators that he assisted Ghosn for his getaway because an associate from Beirut threatened him.

Nissan former chairman Ghosn’s $350,000 escape flight

According to Hurriyet, Kosemen stated that he got scared. He saw a man from one plane and put him on the other plane at the airport. But he didn’t recognize him. Ghosn, who detained in Japan for over year, said little about his escape from the arrest. After the two days of landing in Beirut and his announcement that he was getting away political pursuit, Ghosn shared another statement that he alone arranged for his departure.

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