US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Expects Ukraine Conflict to ‘Last Years’

Gen Mark Milley said he anticipates the violent conflict in Ukraine to last years.

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Expects Ukraine Conflict to ‘Last Years’

On Tuesday, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley said he anticipates the conflict in Ukraine to last years, raising fears that the world is becoming more unstable and the possibility of international conflict between world powers is increasing. During testimony on the defense budget, the highest-ranking military officer told the House Committee on Armed Services that he does contemplate this’s a very extended conflict, and ponders it is measured in years. He doesn’t know about a decade, but at least years for sure.

During testimony before the U.S. House Committee on Armed Services on April 5, General Milley called Putin’s incursion of Ukraine the extreme threat to peace and stability of the West, and perhaps the world, in his forty-two years of uniform service.

Mark Milley said this’s a very protracted conflict that Moscow has started, and he contemplates that the North Atlantic Alliance, America, Ukraine, and all of the partners supporting Kyiv would be involved in this for quite some time. Lloyd Austin, the U.S. Defense Secretary, and Mark Milley appeared before the panel for the first time since the Putin-led military brutally invaded on February 24, and Moscow is repositioning to Ukraine’s East.

According to the U.S. Defense Official, the United States Defense Department has seen nearly 2/3rd of the less than twenty Russian BTGs that were arrayed against Ukraine relocation North toward Belarus, a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. The calculation is Moscow will reequip, resupply, and possibly strengthen them with more manpower before deploying the units back into Ukraine, probably in the southeastern Ukrainian region of Donbass.

More Military Support to Ukraine

In order to support Ukrainians, President Joe Biden’s government is transporting arms to Kyiv as soon as possible and is working with allies who have military equipment Kyiv wants that America does not have. Moreover, the US Defense Secretary said yesterday that the Pentagon continues to pay attention on the support that the Ukrainians have used successfully, like anti-tank and anti-aircraft warfare. Austin added the Department is working to provide Ukraine with both six-hundred drones and AeroVironment Switchblade 300 quickly.

Currently, America has nearly one-hundred thousand positioned forces in the West, the top figure since 2005. According to a senior U.S. Defense Official, as for forthcoming weeks, the Pentagon has seen signs that Moscow is looking to reapply the troops that relocated away from the Ukrainian capital to the Donbass but hasn’t observed any indication yet that those military units have begun to proceed into the Donbass region.


US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Expects Ukraine Conflict to ‘Last Years’
US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Expects Ukraine Conflict to ‘Last Years’
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Furthermore, a recent UK Military Intelligence update said several Russian military units pulling out from Northern Ukraine might require significant refurbishment ahead of being available to send for operations in Ukraine’s East. Both Austin and Milley are scheduled to testify before the United States Senate Committee on Armed Services on April 7.

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