Waymo to make Self-driving Cars in Collaboration with Nissan & Renault

Waymo Contract with Nissan & Renault to make Self-driving Cars

Waymo announced that they signed an agreement with Nissan and Renault to make self-driving trucks and cars for use in Japan, France and probably other countries of Asia and Europe. The current deal is the first ever of Waymo to share its tech and services with automakers working to develop their own self-driving vehicles. The company reported that its agreement with Renault and Nissan to develop self-driving vehicles does not extend to the markets of China.

Waymo is a subsidiary of the parent company of Google, Alphabet and is testing a small fleet of self-directed vehicles outside of Phoenix. Those automobiles, altered Chrysler Pacifica minivans, are among work of Waymo to make autonomous ride-share services. Relationship of Waymo with Nissan and Renault will come more as a supplier of services and technology that every automaker individually will use as they made its own self-driving automobiles.

CEO of Waymo, John Krafcik stated that their Driver of Waymo could supply transformational mobility solutions to securely serve riders along with industrial supplies in Japan, France, and nearby other countries. Moreover, all the firms expressed that they are focusing on creating joint venture firms to emphasize mainly on autonomous mobility services.

CEO of Renault, Thierry Bollore, stated that the present agreement would bring his company at the leading position of driverless technology in the key strategic markets. CEO and president of Nissan, Hiroto Saikawa echoed the confidence of Bollore.

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Furthermore, Saikawa added that their expertise in the automotive industry of the world and expertise in tactical partnership would facilitate them to discover opportunities to develop their portfolio and bring new value to customers with Waymo, the well-known leader in this field.

Technology executives and analysts say that Waymo was formerly famous as the project of Google Self Driving Car, taken as a front-runner in autonomous vehicles. However, that lead is too away from safe. It is also an expectation that General Motors may unveil its first self-drive vehicle this year. On the other side, Uber, the ride-hailing service is also operational to make autonomous ride-share vehicles.


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