1000 Afghan Forces Flee into Neighboring Tajikistan After Clashing with Taliban Insurgents

Hamdullah Mohib said they had some teething issues stemming from the retrograde and the extra pressure on the Afghanistan Air Force.

Afghan Administration Promises to Overcome Taliban Insurgency

On Tuesday, Hamdullah Mohib, Afghanistan’s National Security Advisor, said that glitches resulting from the pullout of America-led forces were behind recent swift Taliban territorial procures, and his administration was working to overcome them.

Joe Biden, the US President, has ordered all US soldiers to slip away from the war-torn country by Sep. 11 to end nearly two decades of unexpected American military engagement there. NATO allies have followed suit.

The military personnel drawdown, mostly complete and likely to be finished by the end of August, began on 1st May 2021. Since then, over four hundred Afghanistan districts have fallen to Taliban forces as pro-government troops, deprived of American solid air support, either retreated or surrendered completely.

Hamdullah Mohib told the media in Kabul that they had some teething issues stemming from the retrograde and the extra pressure on the Afghanistan Air Force. But they are overcoming those glitches.

Mohib explained the lack of resources, especially those linked to the Afghanistan Air Force, made it challenging for officials to sustain much-needed supplies to remote bases after foreign forces started withdrawal.

The National Security Chief insisted that those parts came under pressure, and the way the drawdown happened, its timing and succession made people anxious.

According to authorities, over a thousand Afghan soldiers have fled to Tajikistan after clashing with Taliban forces.


America Left Bagram Air Base

America announced Friday that it had vacated its key military Bagram Air Base overnight, fueling chaos among war-weary Afghan people. The Airfield, located nearly sixty kilometers north of the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul, served as the nub of the American war on terrorism in Afghanistan and played a vital part in direct operations against the Taliban group.

American forces purportedly left Bagram Airfield by cutting off the power and leaving in the night without informing the Base’s new commander, who discovered the US military’s withdrawal after about two hours they left.

Leaving to Neighboring Tajikistan

Hamdullah Mohib said the Afghan army who crossed into neighboring Central Asian State Tajikistan in past days coming under Taliban attacks ‘are being brought back,’ adding, they would be rejoining the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

Furthermore, officials in Tajikistan have confirmed that in the past fourteen days, about sixteen hundred soldiers from Afghanistan’s embattled mountainous Badakhshan province have taken protection in the neighboring state to escape the Taliban forward movement.

Afghan Administration Promises to Overcome Taliban Insurgency
Afghan Administration Promises to Overcome Taliban Insurgency
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Furthermore, Badakhshan borders Pakistan and China. On Tuesday, the Taliban claimed that its forces took control of Wakhan district next to the Chinese border, allegedly bringing almost all twenty-eight districts of the province under insurgent control.

On Tuesday, local media quoted Sheikh Rashid, Pakistani Interior Minister, as saying that if the condition worsens, they will establish settlements across their border with strict monitoring and control, preventing the refugees’ entry into the mainland.


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