Biden becomes first Democrat to take Georgia in 28 Years

Joe Biden becomes first Democrat to take Georgia in last 28 Years

CNN makes projection that the President-elect Joe Biden will take Georgia to become first Democrat after almost three decades. The victory of Biden adds sixteen electoral votes to his tally, bringing him to total three-hundred and six – matching the 2016 total of President Donald Trump. With the prediction of CNN that Trump will win North Carolina, the final tally is 306-232. A landslide for Biden, who flipped five U.S. states and a congressional district in Nebraska from red to blue in 2020 election.

The symmetry provides Trump with yet another bitter reality to accept. The president spent last some years tweeting and discussing his victory margin against Hillary Clinton – one that now turned on its head in a final race, the rebuke of his presidency. Initially, Trump raced out an early lead in Georgia, but Biden gained the lead after the counting of votes from Atlanta. The historic success of the Democrats fueled with grassroots organizing revival that assembled a quickly expanding electorate and suburbs that at once, growing and becoming increasingly unwelcoming to Republican candidates.

The Republicans of Georgia heightened the issue, with state officials refusing so far to expand Medicated under Governor Brian Kemp and Obamacare, in 2019, signed a heartbeat bill, one of the most restrictive abortion laws of the country.

Democratic Stacy Abrams efforts set the stage for Biden

The success of Biden in a previously Republican state is the result of slow, steady gains there by the party. Two years ago, Democratic Stacy Abrams fell closely short in her race for governor, losing to Kemp by 1.4% points. Her campaign and influential efforts focused on bringing out Democratic voters who stayed home in previous votes. That paved the way for Biden, a moderate, to win big in the counties outside and overlapping Atlanta, a city at the center of the New South.

Abrams told Jake Tapper of CNN that her team has been working at this for over ten years. So, several organizations and hundreds of people made their primary mission. She brings resources with her efforts, both before the 2018 election and then the $40 million they spent in 2018 to build a Democratic party infrastructure that might not yield a victory for her in 2018, but consequently produced a victory this week.

Biden becomes first Democrat to take Georgia in 28 Years
Biden becomes first Democrat to take Georgia in 28 Years
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The presidential candidates of the Democratic party are reducing the gap of their Republican rivals in 2020 elections. However, no one repeated the feat of the Bill Clinton from twenty-eight years ago, when he defeated George H.W. Bush. Obama came close. Whereas, Hillary Clinton got closer in 2016. And finally, Biden stamped the Democratic victory this time. Sensing opportunity of victory in the final days of the elections, Senator Kamala Harris, the vice-presidential nominee and Obama both visited the states. On the other hand, Trump also visited Georgia on the weekend before Election Day.

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