William Barr US Attorney General to Leave Office by Christmas

US Attorney General, William Barr to Leave Office by Christmas

The President Donald Trump stated on Monday, Attorney General William Barr, Nation’s top law enforcer, set to depart on December 23. Mr Barr will end the tenure in which President Trump loyalist well-performed Justice Department to Trump’s political agenda after receiving the blow to President’s unproven claims that the 2020 election messed with fraud. The outgoing attorney general stated the Justice Department would continue to investigate allegations of voter fraud.

Mr Trump tweeted that on Monday he met Mr Barr at White House. Moreover, he stated, “Our relationship has been a very good one, he has done an outstanding job!”.
The Barr’s resignation comes after the disclosing of considerable efforts that he made to protect federal inquiry of President-elect Joe Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden from public opinion during the heated election campaign.

President Trump tweeted Barr’s departure after Electoral College counting put Joe Biden over 270 votes required to secure the presidency. Moreover, described Barr’s departure as friendly, in spite of increasing stress between Trump and Barr.

Trump further stated that Jeff Rosen, Deputy Attorney General, will become Acting Attorney General. The respected Richard Donoghue will take over the duties of Deputy Attorney General.
On Friday, Trump once again told officials in a meeting that he wanted to fire the Barr, and did not appear to move off his position this weekend. However, a White House official stated Barr was neither forced nor fired.

President Trump-Barr relationship

Donald Trump expressed frustration about William Barr and told the Associated Press earlier that the Justice Department found no election fraud that could affect the November’s election results.

Democrats impeached William Barr of acting as the President’s personal Attorney General. Jerrold Nadler told in a statement that Barr denied playing with the senseless claims of President Trump’s election victory. Mr Barr previously served under George H.W. Bush. Barr also served as Attorney General starting from February 2019.

He spoke in support of the US Alliance for Democracy but said that maintaining some independence was important for Trump. Barr responded to Trump’s call for an “investigate the investigators” in carrying out a criminal investigation into the start of the FBI investigation in the same election.

Why is William Barr resigning now?

The rumours came out to be true that the Attorney General wanted an early exit from the Trump administration. If there had been any controversy over the Attorney General’s handling of the recent election investigation, his claim that he had found no evidence of widespread fraud would not have raised public opinion.

Mr Barr will probably remember for arranging Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. He defused a so-called political bomb for the President by providing him advanced counsel’s full report that weakened many of its significant allegations.

Attorney General William Barr resigns
US Attorney General William Barr resigns by Christmas
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Perhaps for the service of the President, his recent differences were far more defeated, and he was allowed to separate on reprehensible terms. It maybe in the last days of Trump’s presidency, there was no sense of fighting as we walked out the door.

However, with the departure of William Barr, there may be less institutional resistance if Trump decides to ignore the traditional Department of Justice procedures and issue controversial amnesties to his closest allies.

Since the presidential election, Mr Trump has repeatedly made unsubstantiated claims of widespread voting fraud. Moreover, his legal defense team members have spoken of an alleged international plot to hand President-elect Joe Biden the win.
Mr Trump declared the decision of not disclosing the inquiry was a “big disadvantage” for the Republicans at the polls.


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