Texas Attorney General Files First Lawsuit to block Joe Biden’s 100-day Deportation Halt

Texas's Paxton Files Lawsuit to block Biden's 100-day Deportation Halt

Texas sued the American government for ordering a deportation freeze of immigrants without papers. Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, is seeking to block President Joe Biden’s move to pause certain deportations for 100-days.

Democratic President Joe Biden promised on the campaign track to enact a 100-day freeze on deportations if elected. It was a proposal that contrasted abruptly with the immigration restriction promoted by Republican President Trump.

Ken Paxton claims the order from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) violated federal law by failing to seek input from Texas. Ken Paxton blamed the government for failing to implement immigration laws.

After Joe Biden took office on Jan. 20, the Government official at the US-DHS issued a note that ordered a freeze on certain deportations to better deal with operational tasks at the America-Mexico border during COVID-19.

On Friday, Mr. Paxton filed that the deportation halt violated the president’s constitutional responsibility to execute the state laws. Moreover, Paxton claimed in the suit that Texas would face irreparable and severe harm if the order goes into effect. However, the suit’s failure in adequately enforcing the law will immediately endanger their people and the law enforcement workforce.

Partisan Clash: Biden’s promise-Republicans wanted

The lawsuit highlights the clash between “Biden’s promise to undo the efforts of Trump’s former government to halt the entry of people in America unlawfully” and “Republicans wanted to continue those plans.” Mr. Biden plans a push to give a path to citizenship to an estimated 11 million undocumented people in America to ultimately provide them legal status.

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Paxton is under federal inquiry for abuse of power allegations made by former aides. It directed a failed legal challenge by Republican attorneys general seeking to prevent Biden from taking office based on false claims of election vote fraud. The Texas official claims in the new lawsuit that the current government fails to remove immigrants even after they have had full and fair hearings.

Texas state shares more than 1200 miles of border with Mexico, which Texas Republican leaders said makes them mostly invested in the state’s immigration policies. It also received thousands of refugees yearly before Donald Trump almost ended admissions.

Texas Currently leading Fight to overturn DACA

The state is presently leading a fight to overturn the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Obama instituted in 2012. In comparison, the DACA program confers limited protections on immigrants without papers brought to the United States as children.

Moreover, the lawsuit filed on Friday resounds many of the similar arguments Texas is making against DACA, that undocumented immigrants drain healthcare and educational resources.

The supporters of immigrant protections stated those arguments are flawed and that immigrants help the nation’s economy and medical sector, mainly during the pandemic.

Texas's Paxton Files Lawsuit to block Biden's 100-day Deportation Halt
Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton Files Lawsuit to block Biden’s 100-day Deportation Halt
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In bringing one of the first federal lawsuits against the Joe Biden government, Mr. Paxton is eager to be seen as a winner for Republicans, not just as Democrats reclaim power in Washington DC, but as his job has come under dark clouds.

The FBI is investigating a loyal Trump ally Paxton, for accusations by former top supporters that he abused his office at a donor’s service. Ken Paxton has pleaded not guilty in state court to lawbreaking charges of defrauding investors in a case dragged on for five years.

The DHS’s press office declined to comment as well and raised questions to the White House. However, the White House did not immediately return messages seeking remarks.


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