Trump’s delay in transitioning power threatens national security

Trump’s delay in transitioning power to Biden threatens national security

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is doing his best to interrupt and delay the transition of power to President-elect Joe Biden to the White House. However, more important than his multi-prolonged legal policy to repeal results in several states might make the effort of his administration’s members to foresee the effort of Biden to get his team up to speed to take over running the United States government on 20th January – which starts when Trump’s administration officially ends.

It is a serious issue that can have real consequences for national security and public safety. When the contested elections of 2000 delayed the transition of power to George W. Bush, it delayed his national security team. Moreover, it is a contributing factor to the 11th September 2001 terror attacks, according to a conclusion in the 9/11 official Commission Report.

Max Stier, the director of the Partnership for Public Service that manages the Center for Presidential Transition, told CNN that it got an online guide for how U.S. presidential transitions should happen.

The Most Complex Organization on Earth

Max says during a conversation with CNN that the federal government of the U.S. is the most complex organization on Earth in terms of mechanics. You are talking about over $5 budget, four million people if you include the reservists and military. That is two million career civil employees in hundreds of operating units. Besides, traditionally the U.S. president appoints their own four thousand political people.

The aim was to encourage and support campaigns to deal with power transition planning earlier in the election with the acknowledgment that it is impossible to be ready on 20th January – if you start only on Election Day. The team of Biden is working actively since the springtime on the planning of transition. Furthermore, they are working with the General Services Administration as the legislation delivers, before the actual agreement. Therefore, the legislation was really significant in providing political support and cover for something good for everyone.

What actually delayed?

The questions arise, what are the specifies of delay? What are the exact things that are getting stuck up? Is everyone talking Senate appointments? Three main buckets are backing the failure of (General Services Administration) GSA to ascertain Biden and allow him to overtake these resources.

The first bucket is access to the country’s agencies themselves. Over a hundred operating in the government, main agencies, sub-agencies, and the Biden administration need to understand what is happening inside them. Each of them has different crucial problems that they are addressing and issues and decisions to take right away following the oath. So, it is critical to understand the state of play that is happening inside the agencies.

Trump’s delay in transitioning power threatens national security
Trump’s delay in transitioning power threatens national security
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The second important bucket is in the failure is in the processing of their personnel. From around four thousand political appointments, twelve-hundred of them is in Senate-provable positions. Those appointments will need financial agreements and security clearances with the Office of Government Ethics to certify there are no conflicts. Moreover, access to appointing those personnel processing resources is also constrained without the decision of GSA.

Similarly, the final and the third bucket is the money itself. Money is essential for paying workers to do work. The team of President-elect will be raising funds along with the public money they will be receiving. However, it makes it difficult.

Donald Trump is trying to change the administration on his way to leave the seat

Trump also tried to reclassify a big part of the federal workforce. The American nation should stay attentive that executive order should not use for political purposes, in other words, getting rid of essential career civil employees based on cronyism and substituting them with political allies as opposed to the present most eligible civil servants. The governments should pick and appoint civil servants based on merit.


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