Mike Pence Informed President Trump He Lacks Unilateral Power to Block Biden’s Victory

Pence Informed Trump He Lacks Unilateral Power to Block Biden's Victory

Mike Pence told President Trump Tuesday that he did not believe to possess the power to block congressional certification of Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.s’ victory in the Nov. 3 election despite Trump’s baseless insistence that he performed.

President Trump had already turned up the public pressure on Pence to steal the election. He cautioned him that it would be politically damaging for Pence to refuse to block certification, according to a familiar source. The source further stated that Pence gently informed Trump that the power doesn’t exist for him to alter the results during the meeting.

According to the familiar source, Pence tells Trump, outliers say that the authority exists. However, Mike Pence has been communicated by the White House Counsel’s Office that he doesn’t have that authority. White House meeting came after Pence met with the Senate members earlier to go over his role in the proceedings.

On Tuesday, many Republican senators, including James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma and Tim Scott of South Carolina, came out against efforts to challenge the results. M. Inhofe and Tim Scott said that he viewed challenging any state’s certification as perjury.

Mr. Pence will head over a roll call of the states on Wednesday. If only one senator and single House member criticize the results from a state, they can debate up to two hours about that results. Each chamber will then poll separately on whether to ratify that state’s results. Both the House and the US Senate would have to accept to do so for results to be reversed. As the Democrats control the House, there is no realistic possibility that any state’s outcome is rejected.

Key Battlegrounds and Congress Debate

The US Congress expected to debate on opposing the results in three states Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona, all of which won by Joe Biden. However, ultimately to certify President-elect Biden’s 306-to-232 Electoral College victory.

Congress legislators anticipated probable objections for up to three more states, including Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Whereas it was not clear they would draw the required backing from a member of both Congress houses.

After the results from all of the states have been considered, Pence also serves as presiding officer of the Senate. Therefore, Vice President will be looked up to announce the Electoral College voting result for each candidate, ratifying Biden’s victory.

A senior Trump adviser said that Pence would get involve and not going to be a wallflower. Moreover, the adviser added that Pence could get more aggressive than expected. He said that the vice president would likely refrain from exceedingly robotic action angering Trump’s political base.

Mike Pence left the White House at about 20:00 EST Tuesday and giving the signal he will not watch the returns from the Georgia Senate runoff races with Donald Trump. Pence and Trump had dinner together on Tuesday as officials invigorated themselves for Trump’s response to congressional certification.

The adviser still said Pence would not deviate from his constitutional role during the proceedings. Moreover, his attempt to tilt the election towards Trump is like something he cannot do even if he tried.

A source close to Senate GOP leadership and familiar with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Pence’s prevailing view is simply ceremonial.

President Trump Testing Pence’s Loyalty

As a test of Pence’s loyalty at the finale of his four-year tenure, Mr. Trump has often elevated the view with his faithful VP that he could either delay or block the Electoral College certification. The group led Trump to believe he could again end up at the Supreme Court by giving the message to let them impeach.

Pence Informed Trump He Lacks Unilateral Power to Block Biden's Victory
Pence Informed Trump He Lacks Unilateral Power to Block Biden’s Victory
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Donald Trump has appeared undiscouraged. On Tuesday, he made his desires declaring falsely that Pence can tilt the election results during Wednesday’s count of Electoral College votes and again pressuring his top lieutenant to act outside constitutional boundaries.

Trump said Monday night during a political rally in Georgia that he hopes Mike Pence comes through for them. Trump’s public pressurizing gets appreciated. Moreover, the president said that if Pence doesn’t come through by his expectations, he will not like him well.


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