Supplies to Venezuela Starts after US Aid Reached in Colombia

Supplies to Venezuela begin after US aid reached in Colombia

The second US aid’s round started for Venezuela’s humanitarian crisis when it landed at the border of Colombia. (USAID) The US Agency for International Development stated that the aid for Venezuela people starts in the second term with the help of US Air Force C-17 cargo planes supplies. Around 25,000 people will be the beneficially from the deliveries from USAID including the hygienic kits, and about 3,500 children will be fed with the nutrition products.

First Wave of Aid

On the other hand, the aid’s first wave was reached on 8th February 2019 and is equipped with hygienic kits, locally purchased food, high energy biscuits, medical supplies and ready to use supplementary foods.

Juan Guaido, self-declared interim president of Venezuela, requested the no. of registered volunteers to support the aid into the country to facilitate the victims. He was delivering his views directly to the volunteers in a rally in Caracas, the humanitarian emergency will cease after the end of poverty. Besides, according to Juan Guaido’s tweet, there are about 600000 volunteers have been registered for this aid program. Whereas, CNN is still unable to verify the exact number of volunteers. Furthermore, Venezuela’s president once again requested the armed forces for backing his struggles of getting the aid in.

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One week before this aid arrival Venezuela’s National Assembly and Guaido requested generous assistance for his people. CNN photojournalist and Colombian officials reported at the sight that last week a bridge connecting Colombia and Venezuela blocked by the Venezuelan government which led by embattled President Nicolas Maduro. Due to all that scenario, the humanitarian aid clogged for one week.

However, two other collection points were spotted by Guaido; mysterious Caribbean island and the Brazil-Venezuela border. Embattled President Nicolas Maduro prohibited the international aid saying that they are not beggars.

On January 23rd Guaido declared himself as the acting president while Maduro not even stepped down but never announced other elections. Basically, Maduro declared as illegitimate president for a 2nd term by the opposition, the United States and dozens of other countries. A senior administration official expresses that the US agrees to meet Maduro to negotiate his exit.

Vice President Mike Pence at Munish Security Conference

On Saturday, US Vice President Mike Pence expressed at the Munish Security Conference in Germany that Venezuela’s situation is a tragedy and it needs a positive response from the rest of the world. In terms of his more views that the US was feeling proud to be the 1st state to recognize Guaido and to date with fifty-two countries including their thirty European allies to follow the American lead. Also, he believed that the rest of the world also recognize Guaido.

His statement reveals that he wants the rest of the world have to step forward and the once again the old world can support the freedom in the New World. That is the reason, we all need to back the Venezuelan people whenever they get freedom and democracy restored entirely in the country.


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