Joe Biden Makes hattrick by sweeping in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois

Joe Biden hattrick win by sweeping in Florida, Arizona and Illinois

Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, is close to undefeatable lead over Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont after contesting all primaries of Tuesday in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois. Now, the major question arrives as whether the primary of the Democratic party at a swift end in the upcoming few days or continue to go longer, like other U.S. states that still not voted their primaries into early June due to the novel coronavirus pandemic.

During a live-streamed video talk from his home in Delaware, the body language of Biden reveals that he thought to have a strong belief that he conquers the Democratic Presidential nomination. At that time, he said that he and Bernie Sanders have a common vision and goals, and he told the young supporters of Sanders that he year all of them. Before the results, Sanders spoke early in the night at his home in Vermont, and he did not talk about the elections of Tuesday at all.

The Former Vice President is ready to Pivot

The COVID-19 epidemic meant Biden could not hold a big rally or bring a wild victory speech Tuesday night. But in contrast, in a live-stream video, he offered a note intended to bring the primary of Democrats to its end and move the focus of the party to take on Trump. Furthermore, Biden says that he and Sanders may have a different opinion on strategies, but they both have a common mission on issues such as climate change, health care, and income inequality.

Former VP said that Senator Sanders and his supporters carried an amazing passion and persistence to all of these matters, and collectively they shifted the main discussion in the United States. That speech was the most important olive branch of Biden to Sanders as well as his supporters. The message and generous that echoed Biden’s present political reality: Deficient support from youngsters is disturbing for the Democratic party.

Joe Biden Makes hattrick by sweeping in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois

Sen. Sanders ignores his declining chances

Sanders also behaved similarly on Tuesday night as he treated any other in spite of the stress environment due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The political reality for Sanders was ugly. The Vermont senator completely ignored Tuesday’s primaries while he focused on supporting struggling families dealing with the novel virus. Sanders said that during this present moment of crisis, we should stand together to fight with the challenges. He did the game with these words on Thursday night.

Sanders is facing Pressure to Quit Race

Due to the rapid spread of the epidemic, the presidential U.S. primary suffered pause and disturbance. However, polling continued Tuesday; Sanders looks as if he keens to push pause, too, ignoring the reality that his winning chances for Democratic presidential nomination declining quickly. The supporters of Sanders argue with the point that the senator must stay in the race to enforce Biden to remove from the race. On the other hand, several Democratic members feeling fear of lengthy primary just like happened in 2016.

A former main adviser to Pete Buttigieg, Chris Meagher, who endorsed Biden earlier this month, said that Sanders needs to take a comprehensive overview of how he would stay in the race. The ex-top adviser to former President Barack Obama, David Axelrod, highlights that game is over for Sanders. The election is over on Tuesday night.

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