US President-elect Biden To Unveil Sweeping Immigration Reforms On First Day In Office

Joe Biden To Unveil Sweeping Immigration Reforms On First Day In Office

President-elect Joe Biden will propose a sweeping immigration bill on his first day in office. A person familiar with the bill describes CNN a plan that implements a multi-year path to earn citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the United States of America.

The plan would object to address the main grounds of migration from Central American countries and improve the technology-use at the border. The source said that bill would be sent to US Congress on Wednesday, shortly after Biden’s swearing-in.

Joe Biden spoke of the requirement for a pathway to citizenship for the people who have been in America for several years, who have contributed to their communities and to that state’s economic prosperity.

During the campaign, Mr. Biden promised to make immigration a priority as a president. The immigration reform will be a positive move against the anti-immigration actions by President Trump. The President-elect also experienced pressure from immigrants throughout the campaign. Many immigrants worried that the exile during Obama’s presidency would remain in the Biden government.

Biden’s proposal’s central tenet is the path allowing immigrants without papers to achieve citizenship within eight years. According to the source, the plan would give certain immigrants temporary status for five years. Then the bill allows them to apply for green-cards after that time. Moreover, once they match specific criteria, they can apply for US citizenship three years later.

The recipients of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals immigration policy), called Dreamers, were protected under a program first started by President Obama. For Dreamers, the pathway would be reorganized, allowing them to apply for a green card immediately.

Kamala Harris Interviewed by Univision

Recently, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris described the impending immigration plan in an Univision interview (free-to-air TV network).

The immigration plan will be about generating a path for people to get citizenship. The program is going to lessen the time from the current 13-years to only eight years. Biden’s administration is going to increase protections for DACA recipients and Dreamers. Moreover, they are sure that it is a smarter and a more humane mode of approaching immigration.

The plan would also demand immigrants to have been in America by the start of 2021. A decision was made to halt any mass migration to the United States-Mexico border.

Donald Trump made immigration one of the central tenets of his executive bid, pledging to build a wall along the Mexico-US border as a way to control undocumented immigrants from coming to America. However, some of the wall has been constructed, Trump’s actions have failed to reach his words. Now, he is leaving office with very few immigration accomplishments.

Halt to Wall Construction

A former federal prosecutor, Mayorkas ran American immigration services and then was DHS deputy secretary during Barack Obama’s government.

Mayorkas stated that he didn’t envision radical changes to the sprawling, 240000-strong DHS bureaucracy, whose mission is to focus firstly on protecting the state from cyber-attacks and natural disasters.

Moreover, he refused calls by some Democrats to eliminate the DHS Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. However, Trump used it to muster thousands of undocumented peoples.

Joe Biden To Unveil Sweeping Immigration Reforms On First Day In Office
Joe Biden To Unveil Sweeping Immigration Reforms On First Day In Office
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On Tuesday, Biden’s pick to run the Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, told senators that he would be honored to work with US Congress to pass immigration reform legislation. He added that the reform ultimately provides that path and a permanent solution to a broken system.

Possibility of the Sweeping Immigration Bill to Pass by Congress

The chance of a sweeping immigration bill passing the US Congress is an open question. Previous attempts failed, like the concerted pushed to pass an immigration bill in 2013, GOP includes more immigration hardliners after four years under Donald Trump.

This immigration reform will not be Joe Biden’s only action taken on the issue at his government’s outset. Ron Klain, arriving chief of staff, wrote in notice over the weekend that Biden will begin the progression of reunifying the families separated at the America-Mexico border within his first 10-days in office. Moreover, Biden plans’ familiar sources expect he will also issue an administrative order to stop Mr. Trump’s border-wall construction.


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