Facebook feud with Apple Over iOS Privacy Changes

Facebook feud with Apple Over iOS Privacy Changes

Facebook posted newspaper advertisements on Wednesday of publishing a new website and running blog spots defining the opinions having a conflict with Apple’s privacy changes. This privacy change claims threat to millions of small businesses that rely on personalized ads to capture their clients.

Facebook insisted in its blog-spot that the latest tracking controls of Apple are about profit and not the privacy. Moreover, Facebook presumes Apple anticompetitive by using control of the Apple Store in a way that will benefit its bottom line at the expense of developers.

In NewYork Times, Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal, the company’s ads saying that they stand with Apple for small businesses everywhere. The change to iOS 14 affects how apps can use ads-tracking tools with IDFA.

New ads changes in Apple’s Software Will Hurt Small Businesses and Consumers

On average, FB critics shows that small business advertising stands to bear a cut of 60% for every dollar they spend without personalized ads.

This ad opens on the readers to a link for a website on Facebook for Business, which includes videos of business owners interviewed to express their opposition to ad change. Moreover, it includes a description of a “toolkit” for creating posts with the hashtag “#SpeakUpforSmall” to deal with the change.

Apple will soon make a massive change to settings on iPhone users in the context of privacy, and it will be ultimately a change in mobile advertising on those devices.

Apple’s privacy change announced at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference in June delayed until early 2021. Apple mocked how a user would be shown if they wanted to allow tracking, and warned that the data would be used for personalized advertising.

Apple has frequently sought to position itself as a defender of client privacy, reporting the changes that took place in September with this belief that privacy is a prime human right. Mostly criticized for data privacy practices, Facebook is trying to protect itself as protector of small businesses, many of which are already suffering due to pandemic.

Apple will Now Lets You See What Data Apps Collect Before Hitting Download

Facebook for business website stated that nearly 44% of small businesses have moved towards personalized advertising to adapt to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Wednesday, Apple stated CNN Business that they believe matter a simple one to stand with for their users. In a call with reporters, Dan Levy, VP of Facebook advertising and business products, stated the company wanted to sit down with Apple to find a way forward.

Facebook feud with Apple Over iOS Privacy Changes
Facebook feud with Apple Over iOS Privacy Changes that Threats its Advertising Business
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Apple (AAPL) declined to comment on FB’s claims but said it is committed to helping small businesses, such as with its new developer program to accelerate innovation.

The two companies have clashed over privacy before. Recently, WhatsApp criticized Apple’s move to reveal a summary of its privacy practices when a user downloads it from Apple Store. Apple reported CNN Business the new label requirement also applies to built-in apps, such as iMessage, clock function and the camera.

Facebook declared that Apple’s in-app purchasing fees like 30% fee for transactions on apps, is having a negative impact on small businesses during the pandemic.


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