Apple will going to release 5G iPhones at 13th October Event

What will be Apple going to release at the 13th October Event

Finally, Apple is ready to announce new iPhones, after some weeks of delays and disruptions due to the coronavirus pandemic. Invitations for the 13th October event included the phrase “Hi, Speed,” hinting new update that would allow the device to connect to the fast speed 5G wireless network that at present rolled out by carriers in the U.S. and other countries of the world.

However, still promising, 5G promises to bring the fastest connection speeds at the time of deployment. Beyond phones, Apple will release more devices: Advances such as virtual reality, self-deployed cars, networked robots, and smart technologies might powered by the new network. On the other hand, Apple is slightly late to the speedy 5G phone network. Its upcoming phone will join a mounting list of options from Google, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, and others.

New 5G iPhone to generate a super-cycle of device upgrades

Nevertheless, the iPhone might able to hold its own given its devoted users. Whereas, some technology experts expect that the new 5G iPhone to generate a super-cycle of device upgrades, possibly encouraging more people than normal to acquire the new device. Besides, the fact that 5G networks are not entirely ubiquitous so far reflects a strong room to grow.

According to an analyst at research firm Canalys, Ben Stanton, only thirteen percent of smartphones sold in the 1st half of this year had the fastest 5G capabilities, and only six percent of customers/users would rank 5G as a key factor in their upcoming smartphone purchase. Stanton tells CNN Business that Apple isn’t too late to fastest 5G, as smartphones having 5G have not still experienced mass adoption.

Apple to release Four New iPhones

Apple may plan to give its users additional choices than a normal routine with its latest iPhone lineup. According to analysts and several news reports, the tech giant is getting ready to launch four new iPhone models on 13th October, ranging from 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches. In recent years, the company stuck to a three-model lineup for iPhone, with one basic iPhone model and two expensive models with additional cameras and better displays.

However, a fourth more basic model with a smaller display – the title iPhone 12 mini surfaced in rumors – might help the firm target more price-conscious customers. Yet, it is not clear how Apple will compete with the low-cost iPhone SE. Stanton said that Apple made its serious effort to make its phones more price-competitive during the last one year. Whereas, the great challenge of Apple is that it needs to make a way to become more cost-competitive without reducing its premium brand image.

Last week, Dan Ives, the Wedbush analyst, wrote in an investor note that specifically, they are expecting Apple and its Asian suppliers to anticipate increasing demand for the bigger 6.7-inch iPhone, which is raising the general iPhone 12 expectations heading into this once in ten years potential launch. Wedbush forecasts that three-hundred and fifty-million of the nine-hundred and fifty million iPhones internationally might be due for an upgrade, which might lead to a unique cycle.

iPhone faced a slump in iPhone sale during the last few years

Senior portfolio manager and Vice President at Synovus said that the last main iPhone super cycle of upgrades occurred in 2014 with the launch of the iPhone 6. Since 2014, the latest iPhone launches experienced more like ripples as opposed to a wave. The sales of iPhone fell in recent few years as people wait too much to switch out older models, though the tech firm staged slightly of a recovery this year with the launch of the iPhone 11.

Apple will going to release 5G iPhones at 13th October Event
Apple will going to release 5G iPhones at 13th October Event
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Experts’ eyes on the price of the new iPhone

The pricing strategy of Apple for the upcoming iPhone lineup will possibly be one of the major discussion points. During the last few years, the race of Apple with Samsung for premium smartphone customers led to excessive prices that would make it impossible for previous devices. The current top-of-the-line iPhone model of Apple, the iPhone 11 Pro Mac, starts at $1,099, while the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G launch in the market with a price of $1,199 – though Samsung launched some fold-able smartphones costing as more as $2,000.

Both these tech giant firms released lower-cost models pf their flagship smartphones in the last few months. Whereas, other rivals such as Google and OnePlus seem to have all but stopped competing in the race for the high-end smartphone market. Apple might use the speedy 5G features to defend a little higher price tag for the iPhone 12, while the fact that it likely to release four iPhone variants instead of the three might mean a more inexpensive offering in the plan also.

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