Bitcoin is up 20% so far this year and might hit $16,000 by 2020 end

Bitcoin is surge 20% so far this year and might touch $16,000 by 2020 end

Bitcoin starts 2020 as best year since 2012. Optimism gets back to the market after the 2017 record high crash. At 1:34 p.m. Bitcoin was trading at about $8.667.33. SIN/HK up approximately 21% till now this year. Other digital coins including XRP and Ethereum trailed lawsuit, posting over 20% gains in the 2020 first two weeks. In December 2017, hit around $20,000, it’s all-time high but fell rapidly to just above $3,000 in December 2018. Several experts observe that the price of the bitcoin continues to rise in 2019.

However, some developments helped reinforce the recent price rise. Co-founder of Kenetic Capital, an investor in blockchain startups, Jehan Chu told CNBC that the Iran ambiguity along with the positive inauguration of CME Bitcoin Options were solid catalysts driving an outburst in bitcoin and also adding heat to the top 100 struggling alt coins. Alt coins referred to as alternative coins, a term for digital tokens rather than bitcoin such as Ethereum and XRP.

Jehan Chu was referencing the present tensions between the United States and Iran along with exchange-traded bitcoin options that launched Monday on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). These are a technique for institutional investors to get capitalized in bitcoin that seen as positive for the price. While sentiment still initiates volatility waves, and analysts expecting increasing institutional volume fixing the market, Chu added.

An Event “halving”, going to be held in May 2020

In the meantime, developments regarding the technical aspects of bitcoin might also fuel recent buying. An event “halving’ is going to happen in 2020. To realize what halv is, it’s necessary to understand how the underlying technology of bitcoin recognized as the blockchain works. Mineworkers with high-powered computers contend to solve composite math problems to authorize bitcoin transactions. Whoever conquers that contest gets rewarded in bitcoin. At present, miners rewarded around 12.5 a block mined.

Bitcoin is up 20% so far this year and might hit $16,000 by 2020 end

The rewards halved after some years to keep a cover on inflation. By May 2020, the reward each miner will be decreased half again to around 6.25 new bitcoin. It basically reduces the bitcoin supply onto the market. Halving is an event that use to happen every four years. It’s printed into the primary code of bitcoin. Past halving events headed big price surges in bitcoin. The head of Asia for cryptocurrency exchange Luno, Vijay Ayyar says that the debate is whether halving event is already price in or not.

Ayyar told CNBC that he would guess the maximum of normal people have no knowledge about it, and the masses will come in as people seen before when the price starts running. In the end, he said that the target to achieve the price of $15,000 to $16,000 price on bitcoin at the end of the year is very reasonable.

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