First Infinity Pool with 360° Views Open in London

    First Infinity Pool with 360-degree Views Open in London

    The swimmers who are thrill-seeking have now an opportunity to take a death-defying dip that is not far away from them. London has plans to construct a rooftop infinity pool with 360° views, and working is under development phase.

    Compass Pools unveiled the design of 6000,000-liter pool with a 55-story building and named it Infinity London. It is the claim of the designers that the concept of building this type of pool is the world’s first ever idea. Moreover, the structure of the building is also a unique world widely having a 360-degree infinity pool.

    Cast acrylic used to make the pool and will feature transparent floors and sides, so visitors below will able to view the swimmers splashing here and there above them. Moreover, there are no stairs outside the building or the pool to have the views pristine. However, there is a spiral staircase which rotates and rises from the water by giving access to the swimmers.

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    According to the Infinity pool designers, the pool will glow just like a jewel-topped torch in the night and collection of attracting lights fitted on the building.

    Technical director and designer of the swimming pool, Alex Kemsley said in an interview that they faced few of some significant challenges to construct this building because the largest one to convert it into a swimming pool.


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