Apple is Restricting or Removing Third-Party Screen Time Apps from the Apple Store

Apple is Restricting or Removing Third-Party Screen Time Apps from Apple Store

Tech giant Apple launched new features to track and bound screen time apps from its Apple store. According to the New York Times report, Apple then started policing the race. It removed or lemmatized the features of a few of the most famous third-party apps to observe the screen time. It contains the applications that gave tight parental controls over the phone usage of children.

Information gathered from the analytics firm Sensor Tower and the Times that removed or restricted from the Apple store, at least 11 of the 17 most downloaded parental-control and screen-time apps. Apple allegedly blamed them of having the features that ran afoul of Apple Store policies, even either those applications had a history of having the approval stamp of Apple.

OurPact Most-Installed Parental-Control App

According to the Times, the parental-control app OurPact was the most-installed app with three million downloads when it booted from the App Store of Apple in February. The CEO of OurPact, Amir Moussavian said with unhappiness that they pulled them out of the blue without any warning. Apple this behavior is killing the industry systematically.

Furthermore, many other developers also expressed that Apple authorities force them to gut key features if they want to remain in the Apple Store. In December, Tech Crunch also shared a report regarding the bolstered Apple policing of screen time apps of the third party. Tammy Levine, the spokesperson of Apple, gives her statement to Times that Apple has the same policy for all the apps as well as for those apps also who compete with their own services.

She also said that their incentive is to have a vibrant application ecosystem that gives consumers access to as much quality apps as possible. Due to making privacy concerns as a reason, Apple forced developers to change some specific features. Also, Levine expressed that actions of Apple not concerning to roll out of its own characteristics. Apple does not do enough as they are facing criticism to boost people to stay away from their screens, last year Apple rolled out a suite of latest features designed to assist the customers track and limit their usage.

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However, the in-house parental features of Apple just work among other iPhones and not compatible with Android smartphones and devices. The Times reported that users also said that they are far more agreeable than the third-party applications.


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