Facebook and other companies take a stand with protestors

Facebook and other companies take a stand with protests against racism

Facebook is donating around ten million U.S. dollars to groups fighting against racial inequality as mass protests sweep America after the death of an armed black guy, George Floyd, under the custody of a white police officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his official Facebook page, adding that the Silicon Valley technology firm to a growing list of firms that responded to the protests condemning racism, calls for positive solutions to the mounting disharmony in the United States and promises to discuss and handle diversity and enclosure at their businesses.

Other firms such as Netflix, Disney, Twitter, Nike, and other technology along with general companies also weighed in. Facebook’s CEO added that Facebook needs to make additional efforts to keep the community safe and avoid the promotion of bias as it faces inquiry about its handling of the online discussion of the protests against racism. Zuckerberg adds that he knows that $10 million cannot fix the whole issue but may pave the initial path for the cause.

The incident highlighted the unequal treatment of White and Black Americans

Protests and rallies have been taking place across the United States for almost a week after a former police officer, Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis kneel on the neck of Floyd’s neck till his death. The officials fired Chauvin after the incident. Higher police authorities charged the officer with third-degree murder – but protestors all over the country demanding stronger punishment. The demonstrators are alpelso demanding the charges against three other police officers who were present at the incident.

Many of the people, as well as analysts all around the world, say that the passing of Floyd highlighted the unequal treatment of African Americans across the United States. During the last few days, some of the demonstrations become violent, with protests starting fires and looting local shops and businesses. In response, around forty cities announced curfews to stop the violence and pleading with protestors to go home.

Facebook needs to make more efforts

In his post, Zuckerberg said that he, along with his wife, Priscilla supporting firms and organizations working against prejudice in the criminal justice systems for years, committing about $40 million yearly to them. However, he also said that the tech company must do more. To help in this fight for the cause, Facebook needs to make exceptional efforts to support equality and protection for the black people through their platforms, Zuckerberg said. He adds that he was grateful that the video showing the police encounter of Floyd initially posted on Facebook because everyone needed to see that.

He said that including all this, Facebook also needs more work and efforts to keep people and community safe and ensure the company’s system does not intensify bias. For example, unlike Twitter, Facebook not attached any notice tag to posts by Donald Trump that threatened to loot in Minneapolis would bring shooting. The CEO of Facebook said that his company read it as a threat to state action, and according to the think tank of the company, people should need to know if the government making plans to deploy armed force against its people.

Meanwhile, Twitter recently the slogan with hashtag “BlackLivesMatter” to its official bio, and presented a list of accounts on Sunday for users to hear more from disregarded groups. Expand your feed, to intensify voices, it suggested in a tweet. The social media giant earlier this year swore to under-represented minorities make up a quarter of the United States workforce by 2025.

Other companies also join the slogan “black lives matter”

Just like Face and Twitter, other companies also responded officially to the unrest, wowing to stand with the people raising their voices against the issue. Peloton, the fitness startup, announced on Sunday to donate five lac dollars to the legal defense fund of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) to support black communities. NAACP is the main civil rights organization in America.

John Foley, the CEO of Peloton, wrote “Black lives matter” in a message to his users. Further, he said that it becomes clear this week that every company must ensure it as an anti-racist organization. Nike reversed its iconic slogan “Just Do It” on Friday in a video with “For once, Don’t Do it.” The message read, do not pretend there is no problem in America. Also, not turn your back on discrimination. Don’t accept the killing of innocent lives, and do not make any additional excuses. And do not sit back silently to see doing of bad happening.

Disney and Netflix also echoed that sentiment. On Sunday, Netflix tweeted, “Black lives matter.” They have a platform and an obligation to their black employees, members, and creators.

Apple, Intel, and Verizon also come forward to back the Cause

Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, also shared his views in a memo for his employees. Cook said that he perceived from his workers that they feel frightened in their own communities because of current events. The events are making a number of groups that help fight against racial inequality. He said that Apple always drew strength from its diversity and always welcomes people from all walks of life to its stores across the world, and tried to build a company that is inclusive of any race.

Facebook and other companies take a stand with protestors

Similarly, Bob Swan, the CEO of Intel, addressed his employees by noting, “Black lives matter.” Intel also promises $1 million for the donation to the community organizations based on social injustice. Whereas, racism may look different across the world, and the company will not tolerate racism in the working atmospheres or its communities.

Robert Allen Iger, the CEO, chairman, and chief diversity officer of Disney vowes to accelerate their inclusion efforts in a memo to employees to ensure that they are promoting a culture that acknowledges the feelings and pain of their people. Whereas these upsetting incidents are not new, there is something unique in the happening at this moment.

Verizon, an American telecommunication company, also announced the donation of $10 million to various social justice organizations, including the NAACP and the National Urban League. Roger Goodell, the Commissioner stated that the reactions of the demonstrators to these incidents reflect the anger, pain, and frustration.


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