Germany fined €2m to Facebook

Germany Fined €2m to Facebook

The official authorities of Germany fined €2m to Facebook because of under-reporting complaints regarding illegal content on its social media network.

The German authority does all the action against the social media giant, Facebook by following their country’s internet transparency law. According to that law, all the social media platforms in Germany must report the no. of complaints they received about any type of illegal content.

Christine Lambrecht, the Justice Minister of Germany, said that it confirmed that the social media network’s community standards do not exist in accordance with the country’s standards of law.

Back in 2018, Facebook stated that it received about 1048 complaints regarding illegal content on its social media platform up to the 2nd half of the year.

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In combination, mutually, Google and Twitter reported more than 250,000 complaints about the overall of 2018.


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