Crew Dragon Capsule Launched to Space Station from SpaceX for NASA Astronauts Test

Crew Dragon Capsule Launched to Space Station from SpaceX for NASA Astronauts Test

In the early morning of Saturday, the dream of Elon Musk for human spaceflight took a stellar leap forward. For the first time, SpaceX launched its Crew Dragon Capsule into the space to give the surety to NASA by a test flight that in future trips the astronauts will be saved. On top of Falcon 9 rocket, the mission launched called Demo-1 from NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

After the launch of the mission, official NASA tweets that LIFTOFF, another great leap in the latest chapter of United States human spaceflight systems has left the pad. SpaceX Crew Dragon flight for the demo will the first built commercially. And also functioned American spacecraft aimed for humans to dock at the Space Station.

Facts about the Mission

On the other hand, there was not a single human on the board, while there was a dummy Ripley that was with the mission. From the movie Alien in 1979, the dummy was named Ripley is prepared with sensors that provide SpaceX engineers the clue that what the journey to & from the ISS (International Space Station) be like.

Under NASA’s Commercial Crew program it was the primary of two test flights for SpaceX. Whereas, in July, the first crewed flight Demo-2 scheduled. According to the schedule of NASA, SpaceX settled to become the leading to start American astronauts from United States land since 2011.

Jim Bridenstine About Mission

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine gives his statement about the mission. He said that this fruitful mission creates a new starting in Americans brilliance. It will help them once again to send the American Astronauts on American rockets from the American land. Further, he said that it is a revolutionary step towards their way to send humans to the Mars, Moon and other planets. It all becomes possible after the first launch of a space system. Human-built designed and functioned by a commercial firm by a private-public partnership.

On March 3, at 06:00 am Crew Dragon scheduled to dock to the International Space Station independently. There were around four hundred pounds of equipment and supplies to the space station. After the retired program of Space Shuttle in 2011, NASA, so the partnership with the private sector to make the human spaceflight’s future. At present, Boeing and SpaceX have $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion of worth contracts respectively.


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