Amazon assured to use only renewable energy during next ten days

Amazon guaranteed to use only Renewable Energy during next decade

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, delivers over ten billion items per year on fuel-guzzling planes, trucks, and vans, guaranteed on Thursday to cut the damage amount it does to the environment. Moreover, it ensures its greenhouse gas releases regularly. The online shopping renown brand faced a lot of pressure from its own workers to do more to fight with climate change and rely less on fossil fuels. This year, many workers pushed for a shareholder resolution that would require the organization to reveal its carbon footprint and discourage itself off fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, the resolution failed to pass; however, Amazon assured to unveil its climate footprint sometime this year. CEO and founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos revealed few of the particulars before the audience of the Washington, D.C., on Thursday morning. Amazon declares it ordered 1k electric delivery vans to cut emissions that will run on the roads until 2021. Furthermore, it has plans to have a hundred percent of its energy use will come from solar panels as well as other renewable energy by 2030. According to the Associated Press, that is up from forty percent today. Amazon declared that it would put a hundred million dollars towards tree farming projects.

Amazon assured to use only renewable energy during next ten days

Jeff Bezos, the CEO told the audience of Washington, D.C. audience that they want to be role models and leaders. They are in the middle of the crowd on this issue. And they have plans to step on the forefront. The announcement comes one day before when over 1500 employees of Amazon decided to walk away from their jobs as part of the Global Climate Strike in which hundreds of thousands of people all around the world likely to demand more violent policies to slow universal warming.

Amazon Huge size have the potential to influence other companies to be environmentally proactive

A worker group of Amazon said on Twitter that Climate Pledge of Amazon is a massive win for @AMZNforClimate and they excited at what workers achieved in a year. Whereas according to them, it is not enough and the Paris Agreement by itself, won’t get them to a civilized world. Amazon still has a lot of work to do such as halting its fossil fuel industry’s support, stopping allowing the domination of climate refugees and stopping aids to environmental-denying think tanks & politicians. The gigantic body of Amazon means that it has the ability to influence several other firms, both competitors and suppliers, to be environmentally proactive.

Managing director at the Environmental Defense Fund’s EDF plus Business unit, Elizabeth Sturcken said in a statement that making a determined commitment is the initial move for any organization desiring to reduce its carbon footprint and make an expressive change. She added, they are already observing more pressure on firms from customers and investors while Amazon employee engagement could be the main point that really moves corporations towards positive climate action.

In addition, Bezos also expressed his provision for the group’s work, whereas he said he doesn’t agree with all of its aims. Bezos added Amazon would continue to work with oil & gas firms. He said such companies should have access to the tools of Amazon, for example, its cloud software, as they work to evolution to further supportable practices.

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