Democrats making rumors that Russia helping Trump to reelect

Democrats making rumors that Russia helping Trump to reelect in 2020

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, mocked the intelligence reports on Friday. Those reports said that Russia made their interference in the 2020 U.S. Presidential campaign to get Trump help to re elect as president. It is the rumor that Democrats are trying to spread. During one of his rallies of “Keep America Great” in Las Vegas, Trump said that they told him one week ago that Democrats tried to start a rumor.

Trump adds that it is misinformation, and that is the area where his rivals are good at instead of anything else, the do-nothing, the get-nothing Democrats that Vladimir Putin wishes to certify that he once again will win the race. The American President goes on to repeat an argument he made earlier – that Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, would somewhat see a Democratic representative as a U.S. President, particularly Senator Bernie Sanders, who labels himself as a socialist democrat.

Trump tried to reshape the intelligence community

While bashing at what an authorized person told the House Intelligence Committee (HIC), Trump said that he tried to act to restructure the intelligence community, the main target of his anger. His efforts for a national intelligence permanent director are demonstrating as a tough challenge. Even on Friday, he sued to have four best contestants. Even though on Thursday, the U.S. President establish a point of telling reports that previously, he was considering Representative Doug Collins, one of the main defenders of Trump during his impeachment inquiry.

Democrats making rumors that Russia helping Trump to reelect

Difficulties for Trump to choose a nominee

Since after the resignation of DNI Dan Coats on 15th August, Trump faced complications to pick a reasonable nominee, settling as a substitute on two acting directors. He selected the way because those acting directors didn’t need the confirmation of the Senate; in other words, he avoids hard-hitting questions at Senate. After the resignation of Coat, the American President declared his aim to tap Representative of Grand Old Party (GOP), a Trump loyalist and former U.S. attorney who also defended him throughout the hearings of House impeachment and trial at Senate, for DNI.

However, Ratcliffe considered not comprehensible, and Trump rapidly extracted his name from the nominee. Finally, the search of Trump temporarily settled on Joseph Maguire, the former-vice admiral in the United States Navy and ex-director of the National Counterterrorism Center (CT). Maguire served as acting DNI from 16th August 2019 until Donald Trump replaced his designation earlier this week.

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