China Settles to solve the Trade War with peaceful Attitude

China Agrees to resolve the Trade Dispute with peaceful Attitude

Spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, Gao Feng stated that Beijing agrees to resolve the trade war politely with the United States and against any additional escalation in trade tensions. Gao added that they confidently discard an increase of the trade battle and keen to cooperate and negotiate in order to solve this issue with a calm attitude. He noted that the United States and Chinese trade delegations sustained effective communication.

However, he didn’t ratify a claim from American President Trump on Monday that told the Chinese side had called the United States over the weekend with the wish of approaching an agreement soon. Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said it is unaware of Trump’s call.

China Settles to solve the Trade War with peaceful Attitude

The tensions escalate between the two largest economies of the world during the previous week and into the weekend when both countries declare plans to raise tariffs on billions of dollars’ worth of each other’s goods. Gao added, there are several types of sayings at present. In the department of trade and economics, they will try to clarify the facts and allow everyone realizes the truth. He denied confirming either comment of Trump counted among these type of sayings.

Face to face Meetup Expected in September

The last openly high-level call between both sides was on 13th of this August. In a statement, the Ministry of Commerce expressed at that time that this type of call planned within two weeks. Furthermore, both countries expected to have a face-to-face meeting in September.

But after the current escalation, it is still unclear how close China and the United States are to taking another move in a positive direction in negotiations. After the question about the meetup of the U.S. and China in September, Gao expressed that both sides are conversing the matter, and hopefully it will come to a positive end.

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