China will not Participate in Three-way Nuclear Talks of Trump

China will not Participate in Three-way Nuclear Talks of Trump

A spokesperson of the Chinese government said that China would not participate in the three-way talks with the U.S. and Russia. These are the scuttling plans of administration of Trump for a big nuclear deal between the three countries. International news website CNN gives a report in April that the United States President Donald Trump was privately eying the possibility of a new deal with China and Russia after formerly telling the New START nuclear deal through Moscow as a bad deal.

Many officials of White House stated that team of Trump was seeking for a latest nuclear treaty after New START finishes in 2021 that may include China and contain all the weapons, all the missiles, all the warheads. On last Friday, Donald Trump also said that he talked to both Chinese government and Russian President Putin regarding a potential three-way agreement, a step that officials of the administration said could one of achievements of his signature foreign policy.

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Moreover, Trump said that China would have already told them. They are likely interested in becoming part of it. Actually, during the talks on trade Trump and China both talking about that. However, the Foreign Ministry of China openly denied on last Monday it concerned in any similar deal. Geng Shuang, a spokesperson, stated during his daily press conference that they clash with an attempt of any country to make the matter out of China on control of arms and will not take part in any compromise for a trilateral disarmament nuclear agreement.

Reduction of Stockpiles Nuclear Weapons

Whereas, Geng also said it was up to the United States and Russia, as the most significant nuclear powers of the world, to reduce their stockpiles of weapons before other states participate in it. The Nuclear Threat Initiative reflects that China is the state having 280 nuclear warheads as relate to the thousands held by the U.S. and Russia.

Previously, the experts said that they concerned that if the negotiations for a new nuclear agreement ahead of the deadline of 2021 dragged on too long, both Moscow and Washington might just drop out of the deal.


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