Biden policies will endanger immigrants too - Texas congressman Chip Roy

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) criticized President Biden on Monday for what he described as a purposeful and disgraceful refusal to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Sen. Chip Roy says that new immigration laws from the Biden management are dangerous to U.S. people and immigrants.

Mr. Roy reacted to Republican criticism against the Biden government, stating that Joe Biden owes them a clarification for why he is repudiating to do his job.

Roy said Mr. Biden is purposefully refusing to enforce the U.S. laws. It endangers the Americans, immigrants seeking to come here. Moreover, Mr. Roy claimed he could tell what endangers his home state of Texas.

Chip Roy added that he and his fellow members are requesting that Alejandro Mayorkas (Homeland Security Secretary) brief all House Judiciary Committee members on the reason for the new immigration policies.

Mr. Roy also condemned Biden for concentrating on former President Trump’s impeachment trial instead of enforcing the border. Moreover, Roy criticized Biden for using the DHS as a catch and release operation to earn illegal votes for political influence.

Statements from Former Acting Director ICE

On Wednesday, Tom Homan, former Acting Director U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) argued that Mr. Biden had stated the whole country a sanctuary jurisdiction, which he claimed more calamities are going to come.

Homan told Fox & Friends that people would die and criminals will mistreat people that should not even be here. Homan was referring to new executive actions signed by Biden aiming to roll back many of Trump’s immigration policies.

One of the rollbacks tried to place a hold on deportations in America for at least a hundred days before a judge halted the order.

Biden policies will endanger immigrants too - Texas congressman Chip Roy
Biden policies will endanger immigrants too – Texas congressman Chip Roy
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The policy would set out strategies for officials to no longer catch and deport immigrants convicted of assault or drunk-driving, which critics argue weakens ICE’s ability to arrest and detain at correctional facilities.

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